Pido just did a Scottie Thompson in front of Scottie Thompson

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 01, 2016 06:59 PM
Pido did a Scottie Thompson in front of Scottie Thompson
NEXT IN LINE. Keith Pido showed everybody, including Scottie Thompson, that he could play like Scottie Thompson.

No, that wasn’t Scottie Thompson you saw donning the white and maroon of University of Perpetual Help on Thursday at the San Juan Arena.

No, that was a shorter and leaner pointman. No, that was a player wearing jersey #19.

He may have had the same sort of impact “Mr. Triple-Double” had back in his NCAA days, but that player was no other than Keith Pido.

An end of the bench player a year ago, the now third-year player has gotten comfortable in the driver’s seat of the Altas’ attack. Starting all 13 games for his team, he is norming 6.4 points, 3.5 assists, and 3.2 rebounds.

And Pido timed his best overall performance of the season just right with his breakout coming in front of Thompson who was sitting behind the Perpetual bench during their matchup. “Idol ko po siya kaya ginagaya ko po ng konti mga galaw niya,” he said, talking about his former teammate and mentor.

Asked about the biggest lesson he learned from the now PBA fan favorite, the Negros Occidental native answered, “Ang advice po niya, bilang point guard, basahin muna yung play tapos saka lang pag wala nang option, ikaw na kumuha.”

Indeed, that Pido has only followed his former teammate and mentor’s advice was no more evident against Arellano University on Thursday. With their opponents closing to within five points inside the last nine minutes, he scored on back-to-back baskets before hitting Bright Akhuetie with an incredible inside pass that led to an easy basket.

That sequence may have just perfectly proven Thompson’s glowing words about the Altas’ new court general. As he put it, “Nung last year pa lang, talagang pwedeng-pwede na yan. Siguro, dati wala lang kumpyansa kasi sa practice naman, nakikipagbakbakan.”

He then continued, “Siguro yung last year na pinaghirapan niya, nagbunga na ngayon at nabigyan na siya ng kumpyansa.”

Don’t put too much pressure on Pido to truly become the next “Mr. Triple-Double,” however. “Siguro sa future pa yun. Basta sa akin, ginagawa ko lang yung matutulong ko,” he expressed.


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