"Lambing lang yun" - Menina on Mapua and EAC's physical matchup

Santino Honasan on Sep 08, 2016 05:02 PM
Things nearly came to blows - again - between Mapua and EAC

After 2014's infamous brawl between the Mapua Cardinals and the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals, it's somewhat become commonplace to expect at least a little fireworks when the two teams meet. 

This time around was no different, as things got a little heated between the two squads late in their matchup in the second round of the NCAA Season 92 basketball tournament, Thursday afternoon. 

In the third quarter, opposing guards CJ Isit and Francis Munsayac started jawing at each other, while the physicality began to escalate in the later moments of the match, with referees needing to separate some players.

Ultimately, nothing serious came about, and the only sanctions handed out were a couple of unsportsmanlike fouls to Andoy Estrella and Justin Serrano. 

No all-out brawls, considering that it's almost the two year anniversary of the said brawl. 

For Mapua guard Shane Menina, who contributed to the Cardinals' 82-72 win over the Generals, the little scuffles were merely acts of "lambing." 

"Ah wala yun," Menina told the press following the game. "Nag-lambing lang yun. Na-miss ata nila isa’t isa." 

Isit on the other hand, says that there isn't necessarily any ill-will between the two schools. 

"Not necessarily bad blood, but everytime we play them. I just want to pound them, scoreboard-wise." 


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