Saavedra says ready the lechon and beer for no longer winless CSB

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 23, 2016 06:44 PM
Saavedra says ready the lechon for no longer winless CSB
PRICELESS. The smile on Fons Saavedra's, and the rest of CSB's, face was nothing but sweet.

College of St. Benilde finally barged into the win column in the NCAA 92 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

In their last assignment in the season, the Blazers rallied by Lyceum of the Philippines University. The only bad news, if there ever was one in their day for celebration, was that graduating Fons Saavedra wasn’t with them on the court.

Well, until the final buzzer that is.

The team captain was behind their bench throughout the matchup and was on crutches as he made his way onto the court once the final buzzer sounded. As it turns out, he suffered a foot fracture only the day before.

Talking about the frustration he felt in not being able to play in the final game in his collegiate career, Saavedra said, “I was really disappointed because at first, they told me it wasn’t a fracture, but then, they found otherwise. I was really sad.”

Once the final tally read 65-61, however, the Filipino-American said all that mattered was their first win in 18 tries. “But it doesn’t matter because we won. I don’t care. I’m just happy we won,” he expressed.

Saavedra then went on to share that, of course, he wasn’t the only one feeling that way. Asked about the atmosphere inside the locker room following their win, he answered, “I haven’t felt that in two years – how wild it was. Everyone was just so happy.”

He then continued, “We were just so happy because that’s how we should’ve been playing in the season. I want people to know not the CSB that was 0-17.”

How happy are the Blazers? Once they get home to Taft Avenue, the team captain said, “We plan to go get some lechon and a bunch of San Mig. We’re gonna go have some fun.”

Nonetheless, Saavedra said he still wished he was able to play in the final game in his collegiate career. As he put it, “Every time I’m here, I wanna play, I wanna win. My coaches know that, my boys know that.”

Still, he repeated, “I got hurt and wasn’t able to play, but we won. I don’t care because it’s better to leave on a positive note – whatever it is, it’s still a positive note.”


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