5 Things I Learned Being A Cheerleader for A Day

Roxanne Montealegre on Sep 28, 2016 09:08 PM
5 Things I Learned Being A Cheerleader for A Day

I invaded the Pep Rally of the Arellano University and literally got carried away to cheer with the community.

1. Effort Trumps Talent

Try-outs are done just to gauge the strength and skill level of the students joining, but everyone is welcome to be part of the cheering group of the Arellano Chiefs, better known as the Chiefs Squad.

According to Pauline Peralta, a senior cheerleader, "willingness to learn" coupled with time and effort given weigh more than being flexible or being an exceptional dancer for newcomers. Experience will always be an advantage but they need people who can last long hours of daily practice which is at 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays and 3 p.m. to 7p.m. every Sunday. They believe that everyone can be trained and taught the right skill set, moves and style to be competition-ready.

2. Your Body Can't Lie

If you're not comfortable, not confident enough and unhappy, it will show in your actions and movements. So their first order of business during practice would be ice breakers, games, freestyle dancing, and jokes among others just to make sure the members are in good spirits.

3. Never Stop Learning

You'll be surprised by what you can do. From shaky legs to the right locked stance, from bad to effortless landings, from poor body coordination to naturally beautiful movements--you can develop and become good, if not great, with constant training. There are simple techniques too to prevent injuries and attending practice conditions your muscle memory.

4. Trust Your Team, Your Coach and Yourself

Pyramids, splits, mid-air jumps, cartwheels look almost impossible. You have to discipline yourself first with warm-ups, stretching, balancing and compression for you to do the stunts correctly. And it takes months or years for you to perfect them with grace. Be aware of spacing, beats and synchronization. Push yourself and have patience, always know that everyday is a chance for you to be a better version of yourself. Set goals at the beginning of each practice and evaluate yourself at the end. Don't be afraid to ask questions, your coaches and teammates can guide you all the way.

5. Spread the Positivity

Whether the game is good or bad, your role is to hype up and give energy to the team and the spectators. Teach the students and supporters your cheers. Do classroom to classroom so they will be prepared during game day. Smile through the tough times and be ready to celebrate victories.

Under the wing of Coach Lucky San Juan, the Chiefs Squad bagged the Championship in NCAA Season 90's Cheering Competition and finished 1st Runner Up last season.

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