Generals say they still need injured Laminou to keep winning

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Aug 08, 2017 07:18 PM
Generals say they still need injured Laminou to keep winning
MAN DOWN. Now, EAC's Hamadou Laminou will have to mend to both of his knees.

Not yet at 100 percent coming off a left knee injury, Emilio Aguinaldo College’s Hamadou Laminou hurt his other knee on Tuesday.

The Cameroonian center landed on the foot of an opposing player in the first quarter and had to be carried by his teammates back to the locker room.

This, just two months after he suffered a torn MCL in his right knee during the preseason.

The initial diagnosis this time around didn’t paint a pretty picture as well for the Generals and their man in the middle.

According to Ceej Tantengco’s courtside report, Laminou said he felt his right knee twist upon impact.

Head coach Ariel Sison also didn’t have updates to share in his post-game conference. Asked about the status of the six-foot-eight player, he answered, “That’s something that’s uncertain now. We don’t know what will happen to Laminou.”

He then continued. “All I heard kanina is they will do an MRI right now.”

And so, all the mentor as well as the faithful over at San Marcelino can do is hope for the best. “I hope hindi aggravated yung nangyari sa kanya and (he will just need) one day pahinga and makabalik siya,” he expressed.

With or without Laminou, EAC has proven more than capable of winning. “We’re very lucky na even without Laminou, we’re winning,” Sison said.

Indeed, they defeated Arellano University after the Cameroonian got injured and they beat Mapua University with the center in foul trouble.

Nonetheless, Sison made it clear that Laminou remains an important piece in the puzzle of their playoff contention. As he put it, “We need him here. We need him in our games.”


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