Bolick: ‘Ako na nga sinaktan, ako pa na-thrown out’

ABS-CBN Sports on Sep 05, 2017 06:35 PM
Bolick: ‘Ako na nga sinaktan, ako pa na-thrown out’
PRIORITIES. Robert Bolick will no longer be eligible for any individual award - and he couldn't care less.

Disbelief was an understatement for the look on the face of Robert Bolick when he was thrown out of San Beda College’s matchup against College of St. Benilde on Tuesday.

After the call was made, the King Lion stood stunned and shook his head before dejectedly heading to the locker room. “Ni-take down ako tapos wala naman akong ginawa. You be the judge. You saw the video, kayo na mag-judge,” he told reporters afterward.



Late in the game, the defending champions were up, 71-57, and were about to increase its advantage even more when College of St. Benilde’s Carlo Young prevented Bolick from finishing a fastbreak. The former took the latter by the shoulder and held him down all the way to the floor.

The two players then got entangled and the San Beda star appeared to be forcing to break free until referees and players from both sides finally separated them.

Game officials slapped the Blazer with a disqualifying foul for his apparent takedown as well as Bolick for his apparent second motion. Clint Doliguez also got a disqualifying foul and entering the playing court during the incident.

In the end, the King Lions said he felt no ill will against Young. “No, kilala ko naman si Young, ganun naman talaga siya maglaro. He took me down, I don’t care, it’s part of the game. Frustrated sila kasi malaki lamang namin, ganun naman talaga kahit sinong team,” he said.

He then continued, “They want to win so bad, we want to win so bad. Ginanon niya ako, pero okay lang naman sa akin yun.”

Bolick wanted to make it clear, however, that he did nothing wrong. “Wala akong ginawa. Nasa baba ako, hinawakan ako, I just put my hands up, but did I close my fist? Just watch the video,” he shared.



He then continued, “My job is to play for my team and bring spirit, heart, and love for the game and whatever consequences they want to give me for that, I accept with a full heart. They think I did something? Ako na nga sinaktan, ako pa nathrown out.”

Due to his disqualifying foul, the 20-year-old will be forced to sit out the defending champions’ next assignment. Even more, he will no longer be eligible for any individual award.

As per league rules, an ejection merits an automatic one-game suspension that will be served in the succeeding game. And as per league rules, a suspension disqualifies a player for individual awards.

After the first round, Bolick has been averaging 13.6 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 4.7 assists and stands sixth in the MVP race with 46.1 statistical points (SPs). University of Perpetual Help’s Prince Eze has come out of nowhere to become the frontrunner with 52.4 SPs.

However, the outspoken guard said he’s not sweating missing out on a Mythical selection, or even possibly the MVP. “Sinasabihan ako ng team ko na sayang naman kasi mag-MVP ka sana. Sabi ko sa kanila, I’m not playing to win an MVP. I couldn't really care less,” he said.

He then continued, “I’m just playing to win. MVP, I don’t really care. Bigay mo na sa kung sino man yan, I don’t really care.”

What Bolick is guaranteeing is that the incident will not lessen in any way the fire he brings each and every time he steps onto the court. “They will never take the will for me to win another championship this year and to give San Beda a back-to-back. Whatever they want, okay lang sa akin, I’ll accept it kung anuman,” he expressed.


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