Glue guys EJ Agbong, Jason Celis complete Letran’s retooling

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Apr 19, 2018 07:31 PM
Glue guys EJ Agbong, Jason Celis complete Letran’s retooling
EJ Agbong and Jason Celis will be tasked to just help out Letran in any way they can in their first year

Colegio de San Juan de Letran is now stepping outside the Walls of Intramuros to get new weapons for its arsenal.

Chiang Kai Shek standouts EJ Agbong and Jason Celis are set to be the newest Knights, providing much more firepower for a crew that is nothing but ready to do battle in the looming NCAA 94 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The two players were key cogs in the Blue Dragons’ championship run in the 2018 Metro Manila Basketball League. There, alongside John Galinato, they bested powerhouse San Beda High School.

Agbong is a 6-foot-2 forward who is the ultimate glue guy, doing whatever it is his team needs from him. He has also proven to be a terrific leader, never failing to vocal with his troops.

Meanwhile, Celis is a 5-foot-9 guard who is more known for his scoring, but is also more than capable of doing the little things.

Both of them will be given much-needed time to grow with the former backing up Bong Quinto and the latter backing up JP Calvo.

Looking at the big picture, Agbong and Celis’ commitment is a welcome sign for Letran, a school which has traditionally not recruited talents fresh out of high school unless they come from its Juniors program.

The Knights’ most recent prized prospects from high school were all once Squires – from Mark Cruz to Rey Nambatac and from Quinto to Jerrick Balanza.

Now with the San Miguel Corporation behind their backs, though, change has seemingly come.

Aside from solid recruits in Agbong and Celis, also already in Intramuros are talented transferees Bonbon Batiller, Christian Fajarito, Larry Muyang, and Fran Yu.

They will round out a raring and ready core of Quinto, Balanza, Jeo Ambohot, and JP Calvo.


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