NCAA: Coach Frankie a godsend for Prince Eze and Perpetual

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jul 26, 2018 07:32 PM
NCAA: Coach Frankie a godsend for Prince Eze and Perpetual
Prince Eze says first-year head coach Frankie Lim has made all the difference for thus far impressive Perpetual

Prince Eze was all over the floor of the EAC Gym on Thursday, collecting 15 points, 22 rebounds, nine blocks, and two assists.

Oh, and he did all that without any rest – playing all 40 minutes in University of Perpetual Help’s triumph over Emilio Aguinaldo College.

Still, head coach Frankie Lim is looking for much more from his Nigerian powerhouse. “I challenged him. Before the game, sabi ko si (Hamadou Laminou) averages 24 points per game so limit him to 10-12 points and that will be your job,” he told reporters post-game.

He then continued, with a smile, “Nag-respond naman. Pero sa rebounds, sabi ko sa kanya, 25 e. He was three short.”

Of course, the multi-titled mentor is just challenging Eze to better his already gaudy numbers.

As it turns out, that kind of challenge from his coach is just what the graduating big man has long been looking for. “Last year, our coach was just a joke, man. He did not push us. He was just there,” he shared.

He then continued, “Now, we have a great coach. He’s like a father to us.

In the eyes of Eze, not even one year into the job, coach Frankie has already made the Las Pinas-based squad much better – on and off the court – compared to the last years. “I don’t feel like practice is a stress anymore. Now, practice is like going to my family,” he said.

He then continued, “Even if I’m not feeling well, I still go to practice. Last season, I didn’t go there because I thought I just might fight the coach or something.”

As for his mentor’s personal challenge, the 6-foot-10 tower said he will try and try until he succeeds. “We won close games so we need to work harder to make it a bigger margin. Maybe next time, I should get a triple-double so it would be enough,” he candidly remarked.


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