Now-Red Cub Rhayyan Amsali gets closure from former team NU

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 04, 2018 03:34 PM
Now-Red Cub Rhayyan Amsali gets closure from former team NU
Rhayyan Amsali and NU have jointly stated that there will be no more legal disputes between them

Rhayyan Amsali has settled his differences with Nazareth School of National University.

In a joint statement, Amsali and NSNU said that they “recognize that the academic welfare of the student-learner is foremost in order of priority” and, as such, “wish to resolve their disagreements.”

Before the start of Season 94 of the NCAA, Amsali’s supposed debut for San Beda High School was put on hold as he was unable to meet academic requirements back in NSNU.

Then, the Amsali camp contested that his former school belatedly informed him of his failing grade, and as such, he had no way to work around it.

As both parties disagreed, even the Department of Education got involved.

Now, Amsali said that he will just submit the requirements so that all will be settled. “May special project po kasi ako na hindi na-submit. I will complete the requirements for the subject to get the passing mark,” he shared.

He then continued, “Tatapusin ko na lang po yung projects ko para maayos na sa NSNU and para closed book na po yung story ko dun.”

In the joint statement, both parties agreed that the 17-year-old “shall complete the requirements of remediation” of the class in question and afterward, he can move forward with his decision to be a student-athlete in San Beda.

Both parties also stipulated in the joint statement that there will no longer be any legal disputes regarding the issue. “Each part releases the other from all rights and claims that they may have against each other arising from the dispute,” it said.

Amsali was quick to clarify, however, that he intends to continue his career as a Red Cub. “I am already enrolled in San Beda and will continued studying there. What’s important is na-settle na yung problem sa NSNU,” he shared.

Whatever happens, NU expressed gratitude for the years Amsali spent with them. “NSNU commends the exemplary service of Amsali as a student-athlete and his contribution in the impeccable record of the champion (Bullpups),” the joint statement said.


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