Prince Eze on NCAA 94 MVP: 'If they want this, they should get it'

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 12, 2018 05:14 PM
Prince Eze on MVP: 'If they want this, they should get it'
Prince Eze wanted the MVP award that went to CJ Perez a year ago - and so, he went out and got it

Prince Eze won the NCAA 94 Men’s Basketball Tournament MVP fair and square.

And so, he did not deserve the boos that came his way when he finally hoisted that trophy on Monday at the MOA Arena.

For all of those who did not appreciate the win of University of Perpetual Help’s Nigerian powerhouse, he had this to say, “If they want this, they should go get it.”

After all, that was just what he did after he also topped the MVP race a season ago, but did not win the award by virtue of missing the playoffs. “CJ was MVP last season, but I was leading and then we didn’t get to the Final Four. Last season, I was not happy,” he said.

Indeed, a year ago, Eze also had the best Player All-around Value (PAV), even better than Perez, but the former lost the top individual player trophy to the latter because the Altas failed to make it past the elimination round.

Not long after, the graduating big man just got right back to work. “I made myself better from the end of last season,” he shared.

Fast forward a year later and he averaged 17.9 points in 49.8 percent shooting, 16.3 rebounds, and 3.3 blocks all while towing Perps to the semifinals.

With that, he accumulated a PAV of 61.39 – three points better than closest competitor Perez who had a 58.28 PAV.

And so, there was no longer anything stopping him from hoisting the MVP award. “I feel much better now,” he said.

Still, Eze made it clear that he has nothing but respect for Perez. “I wish CJ was here also. He’s a good player and I respect him,” the latter said.


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