Recently-engaged Brandon Vera wanted to pop the question 'the right way'

Santino Honasan on Apr 19, 2017 05:02 PM
Brandon Vera wanted to pop the question 'the right way'
"I asked her if she wanted to marry me, and she said yes," - Brandon 'The Truth' Vera



Good Morning or Evening depending where you're at in this beautiful world. It's been a whirlwind trip from Philippines 🇵🇭 to Hawaii, San Diego, to Guam 🇬🇺 now leaving this am to get back to PH. It's been a fast paced trip..... Between Adulting and getting engaged to this beautiful woman. The time flew by..... Now it's back to the grind, shooting for Buy Bust, meetings for Alliance, and ONE is in town!!!! I have some events this week planned with them as well as going to the fights this Friday to watch at Mall of Asia Arena. I'll make sure to post my goings on's as soon as I land home. Love y'all see u soon!!!! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see/spend time with everyone. We'll be back!!!!!! Mabuhay Hafa Adai #ForVeraEverAfter #HappilyVeraAfter #VerafiedNenJa #OneChampionship #Heavyweight #Champion #Verafied #Fokai #AllianceMMAGym #Guam #BuyBust

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Filipino-American MMA fighter Brandon Vera considers himself and 'old school' guy, that's why when he finally decided to propose to his girlfriend-now fiancée Jessica Craven, the reigning ONE Championship heavyweight world champion said that he wanted to do it 'the right way.' 

Vera, who's back home in the Philippines after a lengthy break, shared with ABS-CBN Sports his simple, yet sweet proposal story, or bascially how he got Craven to say 'yes'! 

"I'm old school, but I'm very practical. I've been wanting to ask my Nenja, Jessica Craven for a while, she moved here to the Philippines with me, and she's been with me forever, and I wanted to do it the right way." said Vera. "I wanted to ask her momma and poppa first before I asked her, I needed to get the diamond, I needed to tell my parents, I needed to tell the family, I needed to tell my brothers and sisters, so I had to wait until we flew home to California so we could do all of this without her knowing,"

Vera continued, detailing that the process included getting an engagement ring and then flying to Guam for the big moment, much like laying out the gameplan for a big fight. 

"and then getting the ring with her, and telling her we're not buying the ring, we're just gonna 'look at them' so I have an idea of prices and variables to flying straight to Guam to look at a place for sure I know where I wanna get married at in Guam, and told her I just wanted to check it out, to actually asking her to marry me in that exact place that I told her I wanna get married at."

With everything in place, all that Vera needed to do was bring Craven to the spot where he wanted to ask the question, which, as he mentioned, was right where he wanted to get married. 

"So we walked into the chapel, it's so beautiful, it's on the ocean, it's called the Crystal Chapel, and it looks like glass on the water, on a cliff, in Guam, and it's gorgeous, it's like Palawan, like El Nido, everywhere, the whole island's like El Nido."

When it comes to wedding proposals, as with being a professional mixed martial artist, timing is everything, and much like a perfectly-timed knee or kick, Vera found the right opening and made his move. 

"We walked in, we were walking around, she asked the lady questions, they're going back and forth, and I'm walking around and I walked all the way to the back corner of the church, right at the farthest end, and she follows me up, just following, talking, and then when she walks in front of me, I grab her hips, drop to a knee, and right when I do, she freezes."

"She grabs her wrists, she can't talk no more, and I just asked her. I told her a bunch of stuff that I'll just keep for her, I asked her if she wanted to marry me, and she said yes," Vera shared with a wide grin on his face. "The whole island went nuts, the Philippines went nuts, the family back home in the States went nuts, so I'm very much looking forward to it."

After his successfull title defense against Hideki Sekine at ONE Championship: Age of Domination back in December, Vera credited Craven as a big part of the career resurgence and the renewed happiness that he's been having in the past couple of years. 

The champ revealed that as early as then, he already had the idea of popping the question, but the process took time. 

"The idea of a proposal was already in my head, but pulling it off, because I wanted to do it right, I wanted to ask all the parents first, so yun lang yung mahirap, I had to wait for opportunities to go, so we had a break in our film shooting for Buybust, fifteen days, so we flew home real quick and it kind of just all happened fast forward."

A successfull MMA career, a movie career on the rise, and soon, a family. Life has been quite good for "the Truth" lately. 

Congratulations once again, to Brandon Vera and Jessica Craven! 


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