'This won't stop me' - Eric Kelly speaks out after loss to Boku

Santino Honasan on Aug 07, 2017 02:41 PM
'This won't stop me' - Kelly speaks out after loss to Boku
“I won’t throw in the towel that easy. This will not stop me" - Eric Kelly

Saturday night was supposed to be Eric Kelly's night of redemption. 

Over a year on the shelf and coming off back to back losses, the Filipino mixed martial arts legend faced off against an older former champion in Kotetsu Boku, and got off to a fantastic start, dropping the Japanese brawler and dominating the first round. 

Everything went downhill from there. 

Seemingly gassing himself out in the opening stanza, Kelly faded, while Boku appeared to be as fresh as he was in the first round and picked Kelly apart en route to a third round TKO win. 

“I really feel disappointed with what happened. I was really prepared for my bout against Kotetsu Boku, but there are things that it’s beyond our control.” Kelly said. 

"Naubusan sa dulo eh." Kelly's cornerman Allen Gonzales said, attributing the last two rounds of the match to exhaustion. 

As for his well-being, Kelly confirms that there's nothing to worry about. 

“I am fine and no harm done. But I cannot deny that I am disappointed. I have to accept the outcome. It is a hard lesson for me, but I will be back as an improved and better fighter.”

With regards to what's next for the 35-year old Pinoy, who falls to 12-4 in his career and looking at three consecutive defeates, he says that he'll be taking some time off, but will be back soon. 

“Right now I need some little time for myself and think about what happened, but it won’t be long because I want to get back inside the cage and redeem myself. Winning and fighting again will motivate me.”

Kelly has been with ONE Championship since its inception in 2011, fighting on the very first card in Singapore. Six years later, Kelly is still among one of the promotion's top Filipino fighters, and even after his third straight defeat, 'The Natural' isn't looking at hanging his four-ounce gloves just yet.  
“I won’t throw in the towel that easy. This will not stop me. I have to go back to the drawing board and address the problem. I am only 35 years old. There are still a lot left in me."
“It’s not a defeat. I think of it as a lesson. It will serve as an inspiration to push myself to the limit. I will triple my time in training.” Kelly added. 

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