'Landslide' vs. 'The Situ-Asian': Folayang vs. Nguyen is a battle of unique MMA monickers

Santino Honasan on Oct 13, 2017 02:04 PM
Folayang vs. Nguyen is a battle of unique MMA monickers
The only title they'll be concerned with on November 10th will be 'ONE Lightweight World Champion".

As much a part of an athlete's persona is the nickname given to him or her, if any. 

"King" James. "Air" Jordan. "Pacman" Pacquiao. 

These monickers have been synonymous with sports excellence.

While nicknames aren't as prevalent in basketball or football, or other team sports, it's a staple in combat sports such as mixed martial arts and boxing. 

Top stars, past and present, all have had catchy aliases, from "Iron" Mike Tyson to Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Georges "Rush" St-Pierre to "Funky" Ben Askren, and everyone in between. 

On November 10th in Manila, two reigning world champions will collide, when ONE Championship lightweight king Eduard Folayang puts his belt on the line against ONE Championship featherweight titleholder Martin Nguyen in the promotion's first-ever champion-versus-champion superfight. 

Beyond the magnitude of this historic showdown however, is that this will also be a battle of two of the most unconventional monickers in MMA history. 

"The Landslide" versus "The Situ-Asian". 

You can't get more unique and more specific than that. 

Folayang explains that his monicker came from sheer dominance and geographic influence. 

"Nanggaling yung nung nasa URCC pa ako, kasi nanalo ako by a landslide," Folayang explained. "And siguro dahil din dun sa Baguio, pag tag-ulan, laging nag-lalandslide, so siguro hindi lang dahil sa landslide na panalo, pati na din sa place namin, sa environment."

(That came from when I was fighting in the URCC, I won by a landslide, and maybe because in Baguio, there's always a landslide when it's raining, so maybe it's not just because of the landslide win, but also the place where I'm from, the environment.)

As for Nguyen, the Aussie's ultra-unique monicker was born from a tweaked pop-culture reference. 

"It was a joke, I was a 77-kilo fighter back when I first started my MMA career. I won two tournaments, and my coaches decided that I had to cut weight down to 70 kilos. When I cut down to 70-kilos, I started showing a bit of abs, more flabs but a bit of abs." Nguyen explained. "At the time, there was this American TV show called Jersey Shore, and there was this guy on the show called ‘The Situation’, he was obsessed about his abs, so they called me ‘The Situation’, and then when I dropped down to featherweight, that’s when I actually had abs and they were calling me ‘The Situation’

While Nguyen was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, his roots are very much Asian. He was born to Vietnamese parents. 

"I was like no, I don’t want to be called ‘The Situation’, if you’re gonna call me ‘The Situation’, at least call me ‘The Situ-Asian’, and it just went on from there, and everyone stuck with it." Nguyen added. 

A couple of one-of-a-kind nicknames for a pair of one-of-a-kind warriors. 

Come fight night however, monickers and nicknames won't matter inside the cage. 

The only title they'll be concerned with on November 10th will be 'ONE Lightweight World Champion". 


Eduard Folayang defends his ONE Championship lightweight world title against reignign ONE Championship featherweight world champion Martin Nguyen in the main event of ONE: Legends of the World on Friday, November 10th at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. 

Catch the action LIVE on S+A channel 23! 

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