Geje Eustaquio on deep kneebar: 'He can break my leg but he will never break my will'

Santino Honasan on Jan 26, 2019 01:23 PM
Geje Eustaquio had no plans of tapping to that deep kneebar
"On my mind, by that time, he can break my leg but he will never break my will." - Geje Eustaquio (Photo courtesy of ONE Championship)

In the fourth round of Friday night's ONE Flyweight World Championship main event at ONE: Hero's Ascent at the Mall of Asia Arena, Filipino star Geje Eustaquio found himself trapped on one of the deepest and most awkward kneebars we've ever seen. 

It was a kneebar that was applied from back mount. 

Adriano Moraes kept Eustaquio in the kneebar for an uncomfortable amount of time, but all throughout the submission attempt, the Filipino repeatedly flashed a thumbs up to signal that he was okay. 

Once Moraes abandoned the hold, Eustaquio sprung back to his feet but was visibly limping as the fourth round expired. 

Eustaquio ended up finishing the fight, but it was clear that his bounce was gone in the final round, and the kneebar, quite possibly, became the difference-maker as Moraes wound up earning a unanimous decision win to reclaim the ONE Flyweight World Championship. 

Post-fight, Eustaquio spoke about the submission attempt survival that had everyone talking. 

"Well, that kneebar, I’ll have to admit, it’s a deep kneebar," he told the media. "I’m waiting for Adriano to take off my knee and let him bring it, but I won’t tap. I decided to finish the race and finish the fight. If it takes five rounds, then I will do it."

Later on, Eustaquio further explained on why he was able to survive the painful-looking hold.

"I have to be honest, meron din [akong naramdaman na pain], pero yung pressure na ginagawa niya is, he gives pressure then he lets go, he gives pressure then he lets go."

The former champion made it clear that no matter what happened, he was not going to tap out. 

"On my mind, by that time, he can break my leg but he will never break my will," Eustaquio said. 

Eustaquio's unreal show of flexibility and heart not only baffled fans, but Moraes as well. The Brazilian grappler could not believe that he was unable to force the submission. 

"Oh man, did you see that? Man, I love that position. I call that position the 'Mikinho Kneebar from the Back.' Man, in training, everytime I get that position, everybody taps, and Geje didn't tap. I didn't believe it when he didn't tap."

"He didn't tap, he's a true warrior, man. Congratulations to him, man." 

The submission hold, according to mixed martial arts purists and experts, is known as the Suloev Stretch Kneebar, named after late Armenian mixed martial artist Amar Suloev, who used that move to defeat Paul Cahoon back in 2002. 

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