ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon Vera plays mediator in local rap battle event

ABS-CBN Sports on Mar 19, 2019 02:17 PM
Brandon Vera plays mediator in local rap battle event
Brandon "The Truth" Vera played mediator in a rap battle event that got a little bit heated

Philippine hip-hop icon Mike Swift got a huge hand from ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon “The Truth” Vera in his recent battle rap event famously known as “Sunugan.”

Based on what happened that night, they needed all the help they can get.

Vera mediated in the main event of the contest, a heated match-up between Pricetagg, one of the most prominent battle emcees in the country, and Makagago, a self-proclaimed troll king who is in hot water within the local hip-hop community for his previous comments.

“I got him to say yes, we did it, when the match comes [on Youtube] you’re gonna see why I needed him,” Swift said.

“I’m glad he did cause I felt that the energy of the night might be too strong since I’m the only one there on  stage.”

In the video, Vera got in between the two multiple times, making sure a skirmish does not ensue while the match was ongoing.

But not even the presence of Vera and more than a dozen security could keep a lid on the tension as a sucker punch went through, hitting the controversial Makagago right in the face.

Still, it would have been worse had Vera not been there.

“Even though he was there and all the security, a punch still got through. But he mediated to the best of his ability, all the way down to the end where there was a skirmish,” Swift shared.

“Definitely, it would have been worse. If Brandon wasn’t there, the energy would have been too strong for anyone to stop. It could have been a riot. So having Brandon there definitely helped ease that tension.”

Selling the idea of battle rap to Vera was not easy at all, especially with the stigma surrounding the event.

But Swift likened their situation to early mixed martial arts before, where major stakeholders like ONE Championship changed the outlook on the sport.

“It wasn’t easy to get him there because he has a management,  and of course, he wouldn’t want to be a part of something that kind of like smudge his image, but basically, I told him you got to look at it as something positive,” he stated.

“The way I explained it to Brandon, I compared it to a main event bout, a ONE Championship main event. It’s a novelty match-up, but it’s a dream match-up and I got to convince him to be a part of it.”

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