PBA: Malcolm White on Chris Tiu hit: 'I ain't a dirty player'

Philip Matel on May 20, 2018 08:35 PM
PBA: Malcolm White on Tiu hit: 'I ain't a dirty player'
"That was dirty, that was, that was dirty. I'm not a dirty player, I'm just a physical player, that's it." Globalport's Malcolm White calls out Raymond Almazan for his Flagrant 1 foul with 40 seconds left.

Rain or Shine and Globalport made what should have been a quiet PBA Superball Sunday matchup must-see TV with several scuffles and physical plays, which invoked moments from the early days of the PBA. 

The fourth quarter featured several several summer blockbuster hits, all in the last six minutes of the game, including "Honey, I hit Chris Tiu in the Face", "White vs Ahanmisi", "White vs Almazan I", and "White vs Almazan II".

White, who finished the game with 21 points, eight rebounds, and six turnovers before fouling out, got the ire of the top-seeded Elasto Painters in their 96-90 win, especially Raymond Almazan, who taunted White with a finger across the nose, and challenging him to a fight outside the Araneta Coliseum.

The American import explained that his hit on Tiu was not intentional, and tried to immediately apologize to the guard, but circumstance would not allow such an apology.

"I didn't do that purposely. You know, I was just trying to uhm, it was just the motion of my arm. I was just boxing out and somebody was there. I guess, he was right there by my arm," White said after the second confrontation with Almazan.

"I didn't even know I did it, until [Chris Tiu] came back and I'd seen the blood. I was going to apologize, tell him, 'Hey man, sorry. I didn't mean to do it.' But, they took it the wrong way and they put a player in and hit out on me."

About the two incidents with Almazan, White just shrugged it off, calling the heated exchanges just in the spirit of basketball. He then clarified that he has no hard feelings towards the former Letran Knight, especially after the hard pick that caught him square in the jaw with 40 seconds left, but called him out. 

"No hard feelings. No hard feelings for the team. That was a dirty play, what he did at the end of the game, that was dirty. I can see if I purposely did it on purpose but I didn't purposely do it you know. I was trying to apologize to him. They took it another way."

"That was dirty, that was, that was dirty. I'm not a dirty player, I'm just a physical player, that's it."

As for facing ROS in the playoffs, the forward had this to say.

"If they want to take it that way, then hey, we'll see them again in the playoffs hopefully."





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