BALKMAN AND BROWNLEE: From B and B to B versus B

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on May 30, 2018 10:29 PM
BALKMAN AND BROWNLEE: From B and B to B versus B
Just a month after winning a championship together, Renaldo Balkman and Justin Brownlee will now be pitted against one another

Renaldo Balkman and Justin Brownlee – alongside Ray Parks Jr., of course – were the driving forces behind Alab Pilipinas’ championship in the 2017-2018 Asean Basketball League.

The Philippines’ reinforcements perfectly complemented one another on the court and also became companions off of it.

In fact, Balkman has, for several times, referred to their partnership as “B & B.”

Still, the two knew full well that away from Alab and the ABL, they may find themselves on opposite sides.

That is especially true in the PBA where Balkman’s rights are with San Miguel while Brownlee’s rights are with Ginebra.

As such, even then, “B & B” were well aware that there could be “B vs B.” “Whenever we will be opponents, it will be a tough game. He can do a lot of things on the floor so he’s a tough matchup,” Brownlee said in an interview last January.

He then continued, “But for sure, it’s gonna be very exciting.”

Now, “B vs B” is indeed happening when the Beermen and Balkman take on the Gin Kings and Brownlee on Sunday.

And just like his counterpart, Balkman only promised an exciting matchup. As he put it, “We gonna put on a show. We gonna give the fans a great game.”

He then continued, “Imma come out there and play my game and I know he’s gonna come out and play his (game). May the best man win.”

Still, the Puerto Rican was also quick to add that his bond with the American would never be broken. “That’s my brother, man. We was in the trenches about a month ago and now, we just have to play head-to-head,” he said.


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