PBA: Despite loss, Nash Racela happy for ‘fair chance’ against San Miguel

Santino Honasan on Jul 12, 2018 10:47 AM
Nash Racela happy for ‘fair chance’ against SMB
“Every time they call it that way, I think we have a chance, and all we ask for, really, is a fair chance, today we got that.”

Wednesday night against defending champions San Miguel, Talk N’ Text reached the end of their 2018 PBA Commissioner’s Cup campaign after getting swept by the Beermen in the quarterfinals.

And while it was the end of the road for the KaTropa in this conference, Racela was pretty happy with how his boys played during the elimination game.

“Well I liked how we lost today, I really felt the team did their part effort-wise and siguro just following the plan,” Racela told the media.

What’s more, is that the veteran coach appeared to be content with the officiating.

Racela is known to be very vocal about his sentiments, especially about the officiating. In the past, he has spoken out, and has been subsequently fined by the PBA for his comments about how games were called.

Wednesday night, he felt that he got a fair chance.

“It’s nice that today, they allowed us to play. Actually, for the first time, free throws, surprisingly, was I think 28-21, or 30-21, but we fouled na in the end eh, so probably it’s about 26-21.”

And for Racela, a fair chance is really all that he wants.

“Every time they call it that way, I think we have a chance, and all we ask for, really, is a fair chance, today we got that.”

“t’s a lot easier to accept defeat. It’s nice, we got a fair chance, we did our part, they did their part, in the end, it was just them executing better in the end.” Racela added.

Looking back at the conference that was, Racela commented that one of the goals was to try and avoid the defending champions early in the playoffs. For the second straight conference however, the KaTropa saw themselves getting booted out by San Miguel.

“Well disappointing because in a way, we didn’t get past the quarters, again. In a conference, the goal is to get to the playoffs, if you could really avoid San Miguel and just hope to meet them in the finals.” said Racela.

Of course, it’s never easy going up against a team with San Miguel’s caliber.

“For the last two conferences, we met them early. That just made it tough, because we had to face San Miguel right away.”

At the end of the day however, it goes back to getting fair chances, and Racela hopes that he gets those more often moving forward.

“But again, looking at that game, if we get that chance, that fair chance every game, then it’s nice, it’s gonna be a nice playoff game palagi.”

“And if they could do that once, they could do that a lot of times.” Racela added.

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