PBA: Coach Tim sees Thompson averaging 20-14-10 in future

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Aug 05, 2018 10:53 PM
PBA: Coach Tim sees Thompson averaging 20-14-10 in future
Coach Tim says Scottie Thompson does it all for Ginebra - much like Russell Westbrook does it all for the Oklahoma City Thunder

Scottie Thompson put on a rare scoring show on Sunday to shoot Ginebra to a crucial Game 5 victory versus defending champion San Miguel.

He more than doubled his scoring average in the conference and had 20 points on top of 11 rebounds and three assists.

And so, when asked about Thompson’s scoring show, Gin Kings mentor Tim Cone opted to highlight his prized ward’s overall impact. As he put it, “Scottie had a great everything game. Unbelievable.”

Coach Tim went on to point out how the third-year guard, as he always does, battled all those bigs on the boards. “He played Cabagnot all game long and then picked up big, huge defensive rebounds down the stretch because [Renaldo] Balkman and June Mar [Fajardo] were killing us on the boards,” he said.

He then continued, “Our big guys were trying to keep them out and it was up to Scottie to go and get to the boards and get the rebounds. He did, amazingly.”

While he is already, perhaps, the only player who could make highlights out of rebounds, Thompson is bound to be much, much more than a rebounding machine – if the multi-titled mentor is to be believed. “I think Scottie is going to become a more and more complete player. He’s gonna be a 20-point scorer at some point in his career,” he shared.

He then continued, “He’s gonna average eight to 10 assists a game and he’s probably gonna average 12 to 14 rebounds.”

Yes, coach Tim says that Ginebra’s young star has a chance to have per game counts of 20 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists in his career.

Simply put, those are Russell Westbrook-like numbers. “He reminds me of Westbrook. I think he’s gonna end up playing like that eventually,” Cone said.

He then continued, “He’s still very young and he’s playing with a lot of veterans. Sooner or later, he’s gonna become the veteran and then everybody will look up to him.”

Even with the high praise, especially coming from the PBA’s winningest coach, Thompson, true to form, stayed humble. “Hindi ko po linalagay sa ulo ko. I just keep working hard every time and hindi ako mag-star sa ganun lang,” he said.


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