PBA: Rookie Trevis Jackson credits teammate Chris Newsome for smooth transition into Meralco

Santino Honasan on Jan 09, 2019 06:39 PM
Jackson credits Newsome for smooth transition to Meralco
"Chris just took me under his wing and showed me the ropes and helped me relax." - Trevis Jackson

When asked which of the veterans on the Meralco Bolts team has assumed somewhat a mentor role to him, fifth-overall pick Trevis Jackson grinned and looked over to the person on his right, Chris Newsome. 

"The one who took my number," Jackson said before bursting into laughter. 

"I didn't take it if it was already mine!" Newsome snapped back playfully, as if taking offense to what the rookie had said. 

"He didn’t want to play me one on one for it, you know?" Jackson continued, still trying to keep from laughing. 

"I don’t need to, that’s why!" Newsome again responded, before falling into laughter as well. 

The playful exchange between the two frontcourt figures for the Bolts showed just how well Jackson was fitting in with the team, with Newsome of course being considered one of the leaders of the squad. 

Jackson then went deeper into how he and Newsome have formed quite the bond. 

"After my first workout here, Chris just took me under his wing and showed me the ropes and helped me relax. With the draft, there’s a lot of anxiety and you feel the pressure, but he helped me realize that hey, you’ve been doing this, just believe in it," Jackson shared with ABS-CBN Sports.

"So I was able to relax and once I got here, it’s was just like ‘see, I told you, just trust it’ and every day, he’s always giving me little pointers, just helping me stay within my game. I don’t have to do too much, I don’t move too fast, he’s been reminding me like hey, you’ve been doing this, do what you do. Don’t do too much, never too little, just give everyone confidence and be there for your teammates and play the game you always play," he continued. 

If this bond can translate on the court, then expect Newsome and Jackson to be quite the formidable frontline force for Meralco once the new PBA season begins. 

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