PBA: Alex Compton's return effectively kills dismissal rumors

Philip Matel on Feb 03, 2019 08:35 PM
Alex Compton's return effectively kills dismissal rumors
Alex Compton asks the Alaska fanbase to be patient, as being undermanned could lead to underwhelming results. (FILE PHOTO)

Amidst reports that he was dismissed as the Alaska Aces head coach, Alex Compton is back, effectively ending weeks-long speculation.

Compton of course, is fresh off his fifth PBA Finals loss, which made the rumors more believable.

The coach, who is now sporting a beard just arrived in Manila yesterday after spending time with family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States.

In that area of the continental United States, temperatures dipped to as low as -33° Celsius, which is a few degrees lower than the temperature in Antarctica due to a phenomenon as polar vortex

Compton's arrival was just on time to lead his team to their Philippine Cup debut. 

However, they ended the game on the wrong side of the story, losing 85-72 to the red-hot Rain or Shine Elasto Painters.

"Last time I checked, I was just coaching the game. But we just lost and shot 29 percent. So I don’t know, I might get a phone call later. So yeah, we just have some work to do. I’ve been gone. That FIBA break’s gonna help us out," quipped the coach.

Compton also added that if the news had been true, he would have been contacted first by team owner Wilfed S. Uytengsu and governor Dickie Bachmann. 

"He’s awesome to work for. He will sit me down and tell me when it’s time. And then, when it is, if it is, whatever happens, then great. But I know I can trust that. Really, I mean, I read it and I was like, oh wow! But I thought, you know, I was gone for two weeks, and we had a tuneup game and I wasn’t there. And no coaches just leave in the pre-season. So it’s a natural rumor to start. It’s fine, but yeah," the mentor said.

In his return, the Aces were given a rude awakening by coach Caloy Garcia's squad, which seemed to emphasized the four starters Alaska was missing.

Jvee Casio, Vic Manuel, Simon Enciso, and Kevin Racal were injured, leaving Chris Banchero the only regular starter to face the music.

It does not mean that the Aces used it as an excuse though, as Compton shared that the remainder of his roster were indeed talented PBA players.

With a two week break after their third game, the approachable American hopes to use the league-mandated FIBA break to get their legs going once more and become that hard-nosed team people are used to.

However, he does ask the Alaska fanbase to be patient, as being undermanned could lead to underwhelming results.

"It’s probably gonna be a while, I can tell you that. A while doesn’t mean eight more months or something, that’s not what it means. It just means a while. Hopefully, it would be great," Compton said.

"I’d be so happy if this conference we got everybody back. And that’s... Libre naman mangarap eh. So hopefully, we’ll get them back this conference. But it’s also not good when guys are really banged up to force them to play when they’re injured, then it gets worse, and then you really ultimately hurt yourself longer."




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