PBA: Here’s how Dillinger can win over “hated” Gin Kings

Paul Lintag on Jun 02, 2019 05:46 PM
PBA: Here’s how Dillinger can win over “hated” Gin Kings
Forget pizza, the Gin Kings want some HEAT from Jared Dillinger.

Just in case y’all don’t understand sarcasm, no, Jared Dillinger does not hate Ginebra.

He didn’t like them before sure because why not, Ginebra cost Meralco two PBA championships but hate? Oh no.

Hate is too strong of a word.

Also, Dillinger has actual friends in the barangay. It’s just buddies messing around.

Still, Dillinger getting picked up by Ginebra is kind of a big deal and the current Gin Kings will make sure to “welcome” JD in the most Ginebra way possible.

If Dillinger brings food to Ginebra practice then he’s good. All the Twitter rants from before will be forgiven.

Now, it’s just a matter of what kind of food.

“I said pizza but then Art dela Cruz was like, he should just treat everybody to HEAT,” forward Joe Devance said of Dillinger.

“If he could do that, that would be better. He would be a nice teammate,” he added.

HEAT is a buffet restaurant that has a location at EDSA Shangri-La.

It’s just a short drive from Upper Deck where Ginebra practices. The Gin Kings now want some HEAT and pizza might not be enough of a treat from JD.

“I think HEAT at Shang, everybody on the team likes that restaurant,” import Justin Brownlee said.

“A buffet at HEAT would be nice if he could,” he added.

As for Dillinger’s supposed hatred for Ginebra, Devance says there’s really none.

It’s just part of the show he says.

“He never really, he never hated Ginebra. It was all for good fun and trying to hype up the crowd,” Devance clarified.

“It was all in good fun and competition. He never hated Ginebra, I just want to let the fans know,” he added.

While they’re teammates now, the Twitter wars might continue still for JD and JDV.

“We might just go at it still on Twitter just for the fun, even as teammates,” Devance said of Dillinger.


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