Norwood says "Prankster" Pennisi is one of his best teammate

Paul Kennedy Lintag on Jun 29, 2020 10:41 AM
Gabe says
Mick Pennisi is the 6'9" stretch 5 that may have been ahead of his time when he played in the PBA and for the national team. He's also one of Gabe Norwood's best teammates. (Photos by Richard Esguerra and the PBA)

Gabe Norwood has spent his whole PBA career with Rain or Shine, but even so, he's had a chance to team up with quite a number of players along the way because of his many stints with the Philippine national team.

Norwood first suited up for the Philippine team as a young prospect during the 2007 FIBA-Asia Championships in Japan.

He's been a regular since, becoming a legend for Gilas Pilipinas with two World Cup appearances under his belt.

Among his countless teammates, Norwood considers Mick Pennisi as one of his favorites.

Pennisi of course, is the 6'9" stretch 5 that may have been ahead of his time when he played in the PBA and for the national team.

Mick is also responsible for the flop that was heard around the world in delayed fashion.

"[He's] a Filipino and Australian. One of the best teammates ever," Norwood recalled in an interview with the FIBA Asia Cup.

"He was my roommate for most of the [2007] trip and, man, Mick was an ultimate prankster," Norwood added.

Norwood and Pennisi were teammates for the Philippine team coached by Chot Reyes that competed in Tokushima, Japan 13 years ago.

FIBA photo

Gabe remembered getting his "The President" nickname taken literally then during the tournament. Norwood was likened to Barack Obama, who at the time rose to prominence when he became the first black US President.

"He [Pennisi] took sharpies and - I was considered to look like Barack Obama - so he wrote 'Obama' like super big on my shoes. I was a young kid out to college and I didn't really have much money, so if you look back I wasn't buying new shoes," Norwood said.

"If you look back at the old pictures I think you could still see there's like 'Obama' like written on the tongue of my shoes," he added.

Like a good teammate, Norwood tried to get back at Pennisi.

But with Mick being an "ultimate prankster," he was on top of everything.

"I try to get him back. He wore long socks and I tried to cut like snowflakes into the back of his socks," Norwood said.

"But he caught me in the middle of it, so it didn't really work," he added.


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