PBA: Brownlee-Chambers are coach Tim Cone's top-2 imports

Paul Kennedy Lintag on Jul 05, 2020 11:25 AM
PBA: Brownlee-Chambers are coach Tim's top-2 imports
"The top-2 are pretty obvious, and I think they rank in the top list of all-time PBA imports and that's Sean Chambers and Justin Brownlee. They are the top-2." — Tim Cone. (Sean Chambers photo from the Alaska Aces on Twittter, @Alaska_Aces | Justin Brownlee photo by Richard Esguerra)

In over three decades as a head coach, Tim Cone has built quite the career in the PBA.

Coach Tim is widely considered as the greatest, with a record 22 PBA titles and two Grand Slam wins.

18 of Cone's championships came in tournaments with reinforcements, so naturally, he's coached a lot imports during his career.

Coach Tim estimates about at least 100, he's not quite sure. However, Cone is pretty sure about his top-2 imports ever.

"The top-2 are pretty obvious, and I think they rank in the top list of all-time PBA imports and that's Sean Chambers and Justin Brownlee. They are the top-2," Cone said.

Coach Tim made the reveal on the most recent episode of Coaches Unfiltered.

"It's interesting because their approach in the game is very similar but their personalities are polar opposites. As you know, Justin is extremely quiet, he's a giggler. He likes to laugh and he likes to hangout with his teammates but he likes to laugh with them but he doesn't lead conversations at all. Justin is like so comfortable to be around," Cone said of Brownlee, his Ginebra star.

"On the other hand, Sean is like me, he's a gabber. He talks, talks, talks and he's always creating the jokes and then laughing at his own jokes and people laugh with them. Sean is like the life-of-party type," coach Tim said of Chambers, the foundation of his Alaska Grand Slam.

Sean Chambers was Cone's resident import for the Aces in the 1990s, with the crowning achievement being the sweep of the 1996 season.

Justin Brownlee is coach Tim's current resident import for Barangay Ginebra. The Gin Kings are a perfect 4-for-4 in the PBA Finals with JB.

Both Chambers and Brownlee are successful in the PBA, but their similarities in the league don't stop there.

As everyone knows, Brownlee was a replacement for Ginebra in the 2016 Governors' Cup, taking the spot of the injured Paul Harris.

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Brownlee got cramps in his very first game, a Ginebra loss. Still, he ended the tournament with "The Shot" and a PBA title.

Chambers was actually a replacement import for Alaska decades ago.

"I didn't recruit Sean, he came in as a replacement just like Justin. He came in as a replacement I think the fourth or fifth game," coach Tim said.

"I never recruited him but he grew from 1989 to that Grand Slam team. We were going through 12 Finals appearances in 13 conferences or whatever. He was, he's still the winningest import of all time," he added.

Being big on continuity, Cone has been practicing what he preaches since a decade ago with having imports come back multiple times.

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Coach Tim first realized his lesson with Chambers and then re-applied in to Brownlee. In between, Cone actually did it with Marqus Blakely too and they won a Grand Slam with San Mig Coffee.

"I think one of the things I learned early in my career through having Sean Chambers was that once you get a good import, you stick to him," Cone said.

"Don't lose in a semifinals and say, 'oh okay we didn't win the championship, let's get another one.' It's like changing your team game-to-game, you can't do that. You can't have any continuity. The continuity we had with Sean taught me a lot," coach Tim added.


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