The future of Philippine Air Force volleyball

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 06, 2017 09:59 AM
The future of Philippine Air Force volleyball
Note the three babies (second and third rows from the top), all asleep, and tots showing up with their moms, who are regular fixtures whenever and wherever their husbands play or coach for Philippine Air Force. (Photo by Azcharey Cabrera)

Whether he was aware of it or not, Prince John made his first ever appearance with the Air Force community in any volleyball league on Saturday, opening day of the Premier Volleyball League semifinals in both divisions. 

All Prince John did that day was snuggle, yawn, coo, gurgle, feed on milk, and sleep in the arms of his mom, restaurateur Luchie S. Lozano, while Philippine Air Force was tangling with Philippine Army in Game 1 of their semifinal playoff. The two-month-old babe is the firstborn of Jet Spiker Jhayr Labrador. 

Lozano celebrated Prince’s first outing in the volleyball world by distributing boxes of fried chicken and rice to fellow Air Force supporters that day. 

Laureen Socelle, the three-month-old daughter of setter Pitrus de Ocampo and Loysabel Beltran, was ahead of Prince John by two matches in joining the Air Force cheering squad in the playing venue.   

But Lancelot Jacobo, being one year and eight months old, beat Prince and Laureen for the honors by a mile. The first born of ace setter Jessie Lopez and wife Khristine has been watching his dad play and receive back-to-back Best Setter Awards for over a year now.      

The Air Force community is showing up this year with more bundles of joy and tykes wherever the Jet Spikers play.      

That Saturday alone, they appeared with at least 11 possible heirs and heiresses to their dads’ playing shoes.       

There are  also Marquisha Summer, 2, only daughter of Ranran Abdilla;  Chesca, 12, Charles, 10, and Chester, 7, children of assistant coach Clarence Esteban; Danric, 4, and Sabina, 1, two of three kids of assistant coach Dante Alinsunurin; Prince John’s stepsister Jada, 8; and Grace, 4, daughter of head coach Rhovyl Verayo.      

The Jet Spikers could only hope that from their progeny  would spring the future of Philippine Air Force volleyball.      

Taking these babies and kids to their games with their moms is one sure step in that direction.      

With the proven track record of Sports Vision, which this year is presenting the PVL in partnership with Asics as official league partner and Mikasa as official game ball, these youngsters are assured that the PVL will be ready to accommodate them whenever they are ready to play at least a decade and a half from now.

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