VIS men and women to wrap up first PVL work

VIS men and women to wrap up first PVL work
(L-R): Regina Confesor, Ethel Oconer, Che Salonga, Michael Sarmiento, Arcie Omania, Jace Gepuela, Marc Morales, Leslie Anne Competente, Eileen Araza, Christopher Anore Jr., Jericho San Juan, and Anthony Demeterio.

The group calling itself the Volleyball Information System is about to wind up another excellent job for Sports Vision Management Group, Inc. in the season-opening Reinforced Conference of the debuting Premier Volleyball League.

“We will only be taking a two-week break before we buckle down to work again in the PVL’s All-Filipino Conference starting July 1,” says VIS operations manager Shok Anore Jr. 

It is very important work that VIS has been doing for Sports Vision since each of the 13 seasons of the hugely successful V League and the 2 seasons of the Spikers’ Turf, which had produced the country’s most brilliant names in women’s and men’s volleyball.

Besides taking care of player and team statistics and establishing the basis for the selection of the special individual awardees, VIS, among other functions, also documents every match as well as provides a team a requested video copy of a particular game, and the television panelists running numbers about the ongoing action they are covering.

Not the earliest to report to the playing venue, the VIS people, however, report at least two hours before the games begin no matter how inclement the weather is to set up.

They are a happy bunch, quick to throw jokes or make fun of one another and quicker still to laugh. When not at work, they are either gossiping, telling ribald stories, erupting in raucous laughter, or munching on snacks. One of them is forever the butt of fun for his habit of retouching his makeup every now and often.

At work their seriousness is unrivaled. They wear grim faces and cannot be disturbed – and the compact mirror is nowhere in sight. Supervisor Leslie Anne Competente doesn’t tolerate anything that could detract from their doing a less than perfect work, a foil to the easy-going style of their operations manager.

As tight as a family could get, they are concerned with everyone’s birthday and love life, ready to lend a hand to a distressed coworker, and almost always celebrate every end of a tournament contract with out-of-town outings.

Whether writing for the print or social media, the sportswriters covering the Sports Vision-organized PVL in a joint effort with Asics as official league partner and Mikasa as official game ball, know full well the value of these VIS people in relation to their coverage.

The output of the VIS men and women helps them beat their deadlines.

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