Canlas: Highly productive at play and at work

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 29, 2017 09:29 AM
Canlas: Highly productive at play and at work
Clean-shaven Eden Canlas delivers the goods both at play as a Phoenix Volley Master of Instituto Estetico Manila in the Premier Volleyball League Open Conference and at work as a regular employee of Maynilad Water Services, Inc. Mondays through Fridays.

Volleyball and work, not necessarily in that order, define and inspire Eden P. Canlas, 29, of Calamba, Laguna.

Take one out from his system and he’ll be incomplete, he says. For in him, one complements the other. Altogether, they sustain him like helium in a balloon.

He is highly productive in both. Since playing in Grade VI at age 12 for Mayapa Elementary School and on through high school for Laguna College of Business & Arts and later for Letran prior to his numerous stints in the commercial leagues, he has always been a highly reliable and efficient spiker.

He has been a dependable team player  as well ever since he joined the work force of Maynilad on Dec. 6, 2010, a model employee who is said, albeit jokingly, to eat commendations from his superiors and Maynilad clients for breakfast.

As one of his Instituto Estetico Manila players, IEM owner-manager showers him with superlatives in his description of him as “…highly skilled and disciplined, honest, and hardworking.” He will always be an asset to any team he is with, says Nes Pamilar, his coach both on Letran in the NCAA and Cagayan Valley in Spikers’ Turf.

Let a client of Maynilad, the H.V. dela Costa Homes II-Homeowners’ Association in Novaliches, Caloocan City, speak for Canlas’ worth in his water service firm.

Commending Canlas in a Feb. 14 letter to Zaida dela Cruz, commercial head of Maynilad’s North Caloocan Business Area, the homeowners president wrote: “Thank you so much for sending Mr. Eden P. Canlas here in our subdivision, a great timing for we are facing problems in our Phase 2 deep well.

“We, the Board of Directors, were initially impressed with Mr. Canlas’ enthusiasm and communications skills when it comes to customer service. His ability is unparalleled. He is reliable, organized, diligent, and eternally upbeat.”

Intelligent player

Many regard Canlas as a cerebral player, an accolade that he gives back to his first coach in the elementary who instilled in him that volleyball is not a game of might but rather a game of the brains.

Intelligent playing has been his trademark ever since which, he says, helped produce for Letran two NCAA indoor titles and  one beach championship, and an MVP award for him in both.

Canlas, the fourth of six sons of a former pesticide factory supervisor and a housewife in Calamba, Laguna, is humble enough to accept that it was primarily his volleyball skills which earned him a job at Maynilad, a title contender in every major inter-company tournament.

It did not take long before he proved to them that he deserved his position at Maynilad, as borne by a few commendations from Eduardo P. del Mundo, head, North Caloocan Business Area and Operations.

“I owe a lot to Maynilad, not the least of which is that they helped me own a house at Bistek Ville 2, Barangay Kaligayahan in Quezon City,” says Canlas. “With the help of my earnings in commercial volleyball, I was able to fully furnish the house. It feels good to wake up every morning in your own house.”

Canlas adds that Maynilad has been so generous to him that they allow him to play for other companies in the commercial leagues and earn additional income in the process.

What advice from his father does he remember best?

“It is this. At every opportunity my father will tell me, ‘Son, stop playing volleyball now?’”

We will both have a good-natured laugh.

“He and I know that I am not yet ready to give up playing the sport. I think I will grow old in both volleyball and my work at Maynilad.”

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