PVL on Tour a roaring success in Batangas City

ABS-CBN Sports on May 23, 2018 11:50 AM
 PVL on Tour a roaring success in Batangas City
Pretty ladies in a row, these young Batanguenas are. They were first to enter the Batangas City Sports Coliseum a solid three hours before the first match kicking off the first of the two-day PVL on Tour May 19-20. And these early birds got the first reward, a selfie with Charo Soriano of the Beach Volleyball Republic fame who like them is long-tressed, volleyball-crazy and free with her full-wattage smiles.

Nine girls rose ahead of the sun in separate homes in the town of Aguinaldo that morning of May 19, not wanting to be late for the first game of the PVL on Tour in Batangas City.  

Travelling in style for one full hour in a gleaming black SUV, they reached the 10-year-old, 5,000-seat Batangas City Sports Coliseum at about 7 o’clock, a good three hours early for the kick-off match set at 10.      

What to do while waiting for when the referee would blow the whistle? Linger in the spacious area just past the main entrance and look out for which Manila-based player would pop in. This they did.

Charo Soriano, tan and slim and lovely, was first to saunter in. They only know too well who she is and could only speak her name and their wish to have her selfie among themselves. Until a sportswriter took notice of them and their wish and finally brought a very much willing Soriano over to them for that much-coveted selfie.    

The day was made for this gaggle of girls whose friendships have been deepened by their common passion for volleyball. They play for their schools where they are in Grades 10 to 12 or for their barangays during summer vacations.     

As the minutes ticked by, the crowd got thicker and thicker. A good-sized gallery watched the first-day program of the PVL on Tour, already assured of a full house the next day when Batangas heroine Alyssa Valdez, a native of San Juan, was to appear with Creamline against Pocari-Air Force.        

All the tickets for the second day were sold out one day early!


Retracing the same route     

The second PVL on Tour is going out to the same countryside places visited by the first one in Oct. last year and in the same order. Tuguegarao first followed by Batangas City before the tour swings later to Iloilo and Bacolod.   

“As in Tuguegarao, the support of the people of Batangas for our matches was overwhelming,” said Ricky Palou, president of Sports Vision, organizer of the PVL. “We will keep our commitment to bring our games to the provinces every year. We hope to inspire the youths in the countryside to take up the sport of volleyball and excel in it through exposure to our high-powered games.”

Palou also reaffirmed Sports Vision’s commitment to raise the level of men’s volleyball’s popularity to the phenomenal recognition women’s volleyball is enjoying.

The former Ateneo Blue Eagle and PBA star said Sports Vision is dedicated to promoting the cause of volleyball for the long haul.

“Let the public be informed that we here at Sports Vision do not charge the V League participating teams any registration fee. In fact, we still reward the top three finishers in both divisions and their coaches with cash prizes besides excellently-crafted trophies and medals.”

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