PVL: Perlas Spiker Kia Bright proves that she can take the heat

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jun 16, 2018 08:09 PM
PVL: Perlas' Kia Bright proves that she can take the heat
Kia Bright continues to shine, well, bright for BanKo Perlas

BanKo Perlas has put the first blemish on the once spotless slate of Pocari Sweat-Philippine Air Force now in the Premier Volleyball League Season 2 Reinforced Conference.

And the Spikers did it with much aplomb, battling back from a 13-20 deficit in the third set before ultimately blanking the Lady Warriors for a straight sets win on Saturday at the FIloil Flying V Centre.

American reinforcement Kia Bright was the star of the show, dropping five of her 19 points in the pivotal push that boosted her team to solo first in the round robin quarterfinals. “I think we showed our perseverance, toughing it out after being down in the third set. The way we banded together and never gave up, that’s huge,” she told reporters post-game.

She then continued, “Pocari is a strong team, they did not roll over, they did not give us easy points. We earned this game.”

Indeed, BanKo Perlas showed guts in the face of a challenge from the defending champions, no less.

At the forefront of it all was Bright who, according to her, isn’t even at her maximum level just yet. “I’m still playing somewhat uncomfortable,” she shared.

And what exactly is making her uncomfortable? “The heat. The heat for sure,” she candidly said through chuckles.

Yes, Manila’s temperature is a problem even for a native of Florida, also known as the US’ Sunshine State. “I thought I was gonna be okay when they said it’s hot, but then I came here and I’m like dying. I’m not also used to practicing and playing in heat,” she said.

She then continued, “To have to play and compete in a high level in the heat, it’s challenging.”

Now having endured the Philippine heat for a little over a month, Bright said she had proven to herself and to everybody that she could persevere. “I just realized that it’s not gonna get easier so I have to find ways to be successful in these conditions or with this discomfort. I’m just trying to use this as a way to strengthen me,” she said.

She then continued, “This pushes me to my limit and test how dedicated I am. This makes me, you know, a better, well-rounded player.”

And so, much like how she persevered in the face of Manila’s temperature, the Perlas Spiker has also just persevered in the face of defending champion Pocari Sweat.

She only hopes that she and her teammates could only continue to do so. “I see constant growth because sometimes, you get worried that you’re gonna get too comfortable, but so far, Round 2, we aren’t getting too comfortable,” she said.

She then continued, “We’re keeping our level of play high and hopefully, we keep doing that.”


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