I want to share my volleyball knowledge to as many kids as possible Tiamzon

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 20, 2018 07:40 PM
PVL: Tiamzon loves to share her passion for volleyball
Ace spiker Nicole Tiamzon of BanKo Perlas, lone founder of Spike & Serve, which teaches volleyball to elementary pupils of the province of Rizal, poses with Premier Volleyball League referees Jeff Lopez and Nestor Bello, who also volunteer their services to Spike & Serve. (Photo by Eileen Araza)

Not a new development, but Nicole Tiamzon of BanKo Perlas was still shocked to learn during the launch of Spike & Serve in Aug. 2017 that a staggering number of kids were eager to learn and play volleyball.    

“The first batch of elementary schoolchildren we taught volleyball to through Spike & Serve,” the former ace spiker of the UP Lady Maroons recalls. “You can just imagine how excited they were when they finally laid their hands on those balls. Their excitement was simply infectious.”

From the day when Spike & Serve held its very first clinic among elementary students in Taytay, where Tiamzon said she was “born and bred”, to the present day, the 22-year-old, five-foot-six Sports Science graduate from UP has always been floored by the same discovery.

“These kids need no incentives to lure them into the sport. None at all. You only have to show them the brightly-colored volleyballs and they are hooked.”


A Noble Heart

Her burning desire to share her volleyball expertise with the very young, especially those coming from impoverished families, was what compelled Tiamzon to establish Spike & Serve immediately after playing out her last year in the UAAP.        

“I want school children to experience the joys of playing volleyball; I want them to excel in it so that like me they could study on athletic scholarships, earn diplomas and proceed to become more productive citizens of the country.”         

Which explains why her S & S group, made up of volunteers, makes surveys first before accepting kids into the clinic. Priorities are given to school children from poor families.      

From the pilot clinic in Taytay, S & S has conducted similar clinics all over Rizal as well as in Los Banos and Cavite, always limiting attendees to elementary students.     

For now, Spike & Serve is going back to its roots in Taytay to, according to Tiamzon, implement “a total program that will aim for the physical, emotional and spiritual development of kids which will require for the most part the involvement of teacher-coaches and a host of other specialists.”      

Noble her intentions may be, but is she chasing after a quixotic dream?      

Armed with courage, hope and determination, Tiamzon wants to see how this concept of total development for kids will play out in her native Taytay. If it becomes successful, she will have the program replicated in other towns and cities across the country.      

She volunteers the information that BanKo, a subsidiary of BPI, is interested in the new tact Spike & Serve is taking.      

Tiamzon estimates that over 500 kids have attended S & S clinics.  In Taytay, her group has picked out 14 boys and 14 girls to comprise junior teams that will have year-round training under volunteer coaches and trainers.


A Broadcast Analyst

Already busy with conductiing Spike & Serve and playing with BanKo Perlas in the PVL, Nicole Tiamzon has also joined ABS-CBN Sports + Action’s panel of livestream broadcast analysts.

Though relatively new in the broadcast industry, Tiamzon has likewise fared well breaking down games for the audience.

Whether it be organizing clinics or calling games, Tiamzon's passion for volleyball has gone beyond playing the game.

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