BanKo Perlas: Explosive on and off the court

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 04, 2018 12:38 PM
BanKo Perlas: Explosive on and off the court
BanKo Perlas’s participation in the Premier Volleyball League has spawned yet another large following of fans rivaling the more established fan groups in number and in noise. (Photo by Rachelle Marie G. Dangin)

While BanKo Perlas methodically pounded PayMaya into submission at the start of their Premier Volleyball League Reinforced Conference semifinals Sunday, its throngs of fans, predominantly newcomers to the sporting scene, were filliing the inside of the Filoil Flying V Centre with their thunderous cheers and screams.    

This new breed of fans were already serving strong notice during the Perlas Spikers’ final quarterfinal outing against the Petro Gazz Angels last June 23 also at the San Juan Arena.      

Pitting clappers and lungs that would put to shame the nation’s most popular belters against the drum-assisted cheers of the other side, they, numbering only about 50 (see above photo), effortlessly overwhelmed their counterparts by the sheer volume of their collective voices, which could only be described as ear-splitting, to say the least.      

To think that they are generally office workers who are supposed to be decorous and prim and proper! How could they shout, scream and shriek that loud?      

Following the Perlas Spikers’ merciless 25-19, 25-19, 25-19 thumping of the Angels that gave them a sweep of the six-team quarterfinals and the no. 3 seed in the semifinals, a fanatic member of ALYfinity, Creamline’s Alyssa Valdez’ fiercely loyal fan club, overheard at the exits BanKo fans telling one another that they would fill the Arena in their team’s next games.      

This Alyssa fan was also overheard quickly spreading the word around to her fellow ALYfinity members: “Hoy, pupunuin daw ng mga taga BanKo Perlas ang Arena sa susunod nilang laro.”      

“Tingnan natin,” replied a disbeliever.      

True enough, BanKo Perlas supporters were almost all over the box and ringside sections of the 5,000-seat San Juan Arena at the opening of the semifinal playoffs, 500 of them coming from the BPI head offices on Ayala and the BanKo main office in Greenhills in tees with BanKo Perlas emblazoned across the upper front sides.       

They occupied three whole sections of the box seats, sat side by side with or behind or in front of fans of PayMaya and Pocari Sweat, failing to penetrate only the section taken over by ALYfinity.      

When they collectively banged clappers against clappers, they produced sounds that rumbled across the playing venue.      

Being newbies, they have yet to execute the wave. It will be a sight to behold if they finally do it, said a volleyball aficionado.      

Word is around that BanKo Perlas is here to stay in the PVL.      

That could only mean the volleyball community would see – and hear -- more of the BanKo Perlas fans.

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