Pablo shows why she is Pocari Sweat’s franchise player

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 04, 2018 10:52 AM
Pablo shows why she is Pocari Sweat’s franchise player
Myla Pablo of Pocari Sweat-Air Force is a picture of total concentration as she prepares to serve during Game 1 of the semifinal playoff between the Lady Warriors and the Creamline Cool Smashers.

Don’t be deceived by Myla Pablo’s non-threatening looks on the court.

There’s nothing fierce about the 24-year-old player of Pocari Sweat on and off the court, but though she may not look dangerous, she will, no mistake about it, deliver the points when needed.

Like when she, along with Pocari-Air Force imports Arielle Love and Madeline Palmer, towed the Lady Warriors past the six-team quarterfinals of the Premier Volleyball League Season 2 Reinforced Conference, then smothered the heavily favored Creamline Cool Smashers in straight sets in Game 1 of their semifinal playoff Sunday.    

Counting that semifinal opener, only Love outscored Pablo among the Lady Warriors, totaling 247 points in 13 games compared to the latter’s 201 points. Palmer aggregated 187.     

However, the marketing graduate from National University is unarguably the most consistent performer on the Pocari-Air Force side so far.


Most consistent

Pablo was the only one from her team who scored in double figures in all their matches in the eight-team elimination round. She topped the Lady Warriors’ production four times for a seven-game output of 116 points (or an average of 16.57 per game), only two points short of the combined 118-point effort of the 11 other locals on the team.   

Love had 122, averaging 17.43 per game, and Palmer was third best scorer with 95 or a 13.7 average. 

She went on to outscore Love and Palmer again once in the six-team quarterfinals, striking for 22 points in the five-set win over BaliPure and going single digits with nine points, for the first time in the straight-set defeat to BanKo Perlas.    

She submitted Pocari’s third best total score of 76 (an average of 15.2 per game) in the quarters, 11 points behind Love’s 87 and three shy of Palmer’s 79.    

Pablo could have scored higher had she been given more sets but she didn’t mind.     

“Ok lang na bigyan ng maraming set ang ibang local kasi nag-level up na rin sila,” said Pablo of her Filipina teammates’ quarterfinal stint.

With their total elimination output of 118 nearly matched by Pablo’s 116, the rest of the locals showed marked improvement thereafter when they collectively ran up 105 points against Pablo’s 76 in the quarters.   

“Sana magtuluy-tuloy nang mag-contribute kaming lahat sa mga susunod naming laro.”


Never-say-die spirit     

Pocari Sweat team manager Ken Mirasol said the Lady Warriors’ never-say-die spirit mirrors the big fighting hearts of the sportsmen and women supported by the Japan-based health drink through the years.  

“By regularly fielding a team in the Premier Volleyball League, we hope to get the young into sports as well,” said Mirasol, who also sits as legal counsel for Federated Distributors, Inc., the exclusive local distributor of Pocari Sweat which provides the logistics for the Lady Warriors.

“We want to challenge and inspire the youth to take up sports and reap its priceless benefits -- physical fitness, discipline, strong character, and a deep sense of teamwork.”

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