PVL: Alyssa cares for her senior fans the most

ABS-CBN Sports on Oct 17, 2018 05:50 PM
PVL: Alyssa cares for her senior fans the most
Superstar Alyssa Valdez (last row in blue tee) makes it a point to attend every milestone or any grand activity of Alyfinity, an organized group of her fiercely loyal fans whom she also invites to important occasions in her life. She was the guest of honor along with Rebisco marketing head Allan Acero (last row in pink tee) at the fourth anniversary of Alyfinity.

Spotting one of her senior fans while she was about to make a turn on board her black Toyota Fortuner towards the back of Filoil Flying V Centre to get to the parking lot, Alyssa Valdez rolled down the driver’s window and pressed the horn to get the elderly’s attention.  

Alyssa recognized Brenda ‘Minda’ Tavera, 63 years old, even if at the time all she saw of her was the latter’s back!

Nanay Minda turned around and broke into a full-wattage smile upon seeing one of the greatest joys of her life.

She was with Jean Gosingco, 49 years old, another one of Aly’s multitude of fans, who takes care of Nanay Minda while they’re watching their idol play live.

Alyssa quickly flashed a hand signal that they meet up at the athlete’s entrance.     

They did meet up and the phenom exuberantly hugged and kissed the senior citizen and even posed for the inevitable selfie selflessly taken by Gosingco for the sake of her older companion.


Nanay Minda’s latest selfie with Alyssa     

Nanay Minda, a Bicolana, is living alone in San Mateo, Rizal, and earning a living by making dresses. She was the one who made Alyssa’s first office uniforms when the latter first started working for Rebisco.    

The dressmaker already finds walking a struggle; yet she cannot be dissuaded from watching Alyssa play live anywhere in Metro Manila. She even doesn’t mind commuting to get there and back home.

She is a unique fan in that she is happier to see Alyssa uninjured after a game no matter if her idol won or lost. She cried fat tears once when Aly took a bad fall, covering her face to avoid seeing the superstar in pain.

Alyssa knows the devotion of Nay Minda and her hordes of other fans to her.    

For one, she can't thank Alyfinity president Leah dela Cruz enough. 

Whenever she has a game within or outside Metro Manila, dela Cruz is no different from a film director going to a location shoot.    

She thinks of everything to have a hassle-free ‘shoot.’

First, she makes ticket reservations after finding out online how many would like to watch Alyssa’s game. She arrives at the playing venue earlier than most fans, driving a van loaded with cheering paraphernalia and usually with flowers for Alyssa.

Inside the venue she would reserve a section of the box seats for Alyfinity members. She even leads the cheering.

If PVL on Tour goes outside Metro Manila with Alyssa and Creamline, Alyfinity, says dela Cruz, also goes on tour. During such occasions, she also arranges, beside reserving tickets, the transportation and food of the fan club members joining the entourage. 

Probably more well-off than most Alyfinity members, dela Cruz already followed Alyssa in her games in the Visayas and Mindanao and even abroad.   

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