PVL: I’m frustrated as a coach -- Okumu on officiating

Mark Escarlote on Sep 15, 2019 10:44 PM
PVL: I’m frustrated as a coach -- Okumu on officiating
I'm not complaining, I'm just putting forward my statement -- Motolite coach Godfrey Okumu

Motolite head coach Godfrey Okumu was livid as he walked back to their dugout following his squad’s narrow escape over ChocoMucho on Sunday in the Premier Volleyball League Season 3 Open Conference.

The Kenyan mentor criticized how the referees handled the officiating especially in the closing stretch of the fifth set in their 25-27, 15-25, 25-18, 25-17, 18-16, win over the skidding Flying Titans.       

“I'm not complaining, I'm just putting forward my statement,” said Okumu as he aired his frustrations during the postgame interview. “I'm frustrated as a coach, very, very frustrated with the officiating.”

Motolite just scored its second straight five-set conquest to climb to 6-2 win-loss record to end the first round.

But Okumu felt that there were too many calls that didn’t go their way and some that almost cost them the game.       

“If it's good officiating, it's good. We give them credit. But if it's bad, it's bad like today,” said Okumu. “But I cannot blame them. I believe they have a room for improvement. They will discuss it, they have to talk about it.”

The Motolite mentor complained that the first referee Herbert Matimatiko and Mary Joy De Imus missed some crucial calls in the closing stretch of the fifth set.

At match point, 14-13, Okumu thought that Arianna Angustia overreached on a ball that was still on their side of the court that extended the fifth set.

He added that throughout the game, there were check balls that should’ve been given to them, double touches that were called on their setter but not on the opposing playmaker and a couple of balls that already touched the floor that they let go.       

“How bad can they be? Or how bad can they not see the things that even the crowd can see? Even the opponents when the ball goes, they start to walk away like, 'oh, it's on the ground.' And then, next touch, they recovered again, they've been given...come on,” Okumu sighed.

Okumu was even given a yellow card - his second of the conference after getting one against PacificTown Army two weeks ago - in the third set for continuous complaining. Setter Iris Tolenada, who was called for double contact on the ball that she was about to set that cost Motolite the extended first set, also got a yellow in the fifth.

Okumu pointed out that ChocoMucho mentor Oliver Almadro was also contesting some calls during the match and wondered why he was the only one who got waved with a yellow.

“You know there are two different people, the coach on one side and the coach on the other side. This coach makes noise about the same call about the mistake that the referee made, they get a yellow card,” he said. “This other coach makes the same noise about the same mistake that was made by the opponent, they don’t get the yellow card.”

“So you’re left to wonder, why is there a double standard?” Okumu lamented. “I’m sorry to say this, Am I too tall? That everyone sees me when I'm making the noise?”

Although Okumu commended his wards for showing grit and nerves of steel, he just had to stand up for his team.  

“Anyway, I just think and believe that the team will always fight. That's what I need to do,” said Okumu. “But as a coach, I have to complain of things, the calls that had not been called. They don't listen to my captain. You send the captain but they sent them back. So, sometimes self-control is good but sometimes, it's just too much.”



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