Work on your team chemistry –- Jap coaches on PHI team

Mark Escarlote on Oct 27, 2019 10:39 AM
Work on your team chemistry –- Jap coaches on PHI team
The Philippine national women's volleyball team coaching staff with Yamagata head coach Tsutomu Kitahara (far left) and Yamanashi Chuo Bank Chie Tsuji (second from right).

TOKYO --- If the Philippine national women’s volleyball team wants to be successful, it will need to work on its team chemistry and on-game communication.

Japanese coaches of the club teams that the Nationals had played so far, gave the same observations on the obvious flaw of the Pinay spikers.

They all agree that individually, the skills of the Filipinas could be at par with those in other Asian countries but when it comes to fluidity as a team inside the court, the Nationals still have a lot to work on.

“Your physical abilities and skills are good. Individually the Philippine team is very good but you need to work on your team chemistry. You have to train more on your connections,” said Yamanashi Chuo Bank head coach Chie Tsuji.

Yamanashi Chuo Bank hosted the Philippine team and another visiting club Yamagata Prestige International Aranmare on Saturday for a round of tune-up matches at its gym in Yamanashi which offer a good view of the snow-capped peak of Mt. Fuji.

The Filipinas yielded a 19-25, 24-26, 23-25, 25-23, result against Yamanashi Chuo Bank in the third of five tune-up games scheduled in the 12-day Japan training of the PHI team as part of its buildup for the 30th Southeast Asian Games next month, made possible by Laron Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc. and the Philippine Sports Commission.

Tsuji added that she observed that the Nationals are ‘sometimes not talking to each other while playing unlike Japanese teams that are constantly communicating inside the court.’

Yamagata mentor Tsutomu Kitahara, for his part, cited that the Filipinas are physically taller than his squad but move a little bit slower especially on floor defense and keeping the ball in play. He added that the Nationals should control the amount of miscues they commit.  

“You have tall players but you make many mistakes,” said Kitahara, whose squad won all of its three sets played with the Philippine team, 26-24, 25-22, 25-17.

He admired the net defense of the Nationals anchored by two-time ASEAN Grand Prix Best Blocker Majoy Baron, Maddie Madayag and skipper Aby Marano also the attacking of Ces Molina, Mylene Paat and Kalei Mau but he’s straight in saying that the squad needs to work more on its digging and reception.  

“I think your attacking and blocking is very good but you should concentrate on training your digging especially your reception,” he said. “If you can’t control your reception it will be hard for you to attack.”

He pointed out that during the match, the Nationals’ weakness in service receive was so glaring that it was easy for them to dictate the pace of game.

“Today (Saturday), our team did short serves and took advantage of that because some of your players weren’t able to react fast,” he said.

Up next for the squad is a tune-up game on Monday against Japan V. Premier League team Hitachi before wrapping up its practice match schedule with Nittai University team on Thursday.




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