SEA Games: Sepak takraw piles onto PHI medal haul with double gold in hoop event

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Dec 01, 2019 03:50 PM
Sepak takraw piles onto PHI medal haul with double-gold
The Philippines ruled both men’s and women’s competitions in the sepak takraw hoop event

SUBIC - Not only has the Philippine sepak takraw national team reigned supreme in the hoop event in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, it has also made history.

Both women’s and men’s squads bested their competitors and brought home double gold in the returning event held Sunday inside Subic Gym.

Up first were the women who put up 670 points to edge out Indonesia.

Just one score was the difference between the two teams as the Indonesians wound up with 660 points.

Still, the win was a historic one for Filipinos as, before this, they have never won a gold medal in sepak takraw.

Later, the men made history of their own by pulling off a more decisive win in totalling 670 points - 220 better than their closest competitor.

That closest competitor was Cambodia who nonetheless claimed silver.

Taking home bronze medals are Myanmar for the women’s and Laos for the men’s.


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