The night the Airmen felt free and easy

The night the Airmen felt free and easy
Philippine Air Force players celebrating their victory.

Mission accomplished, the Philippine Air Force Jet Spikers, lugging the Spikers’ Turf Season 2-Reinforced Conference championship trophy and four more special awards for outstanding individual performances, on Monday proceeded straight from their locker room at Philsports Arena to Metro Walk in Pasig City to start the celebration.    

If the Airmen are around, can’t the women of their lives – and a one-year-old baby boy named Lancelot Jacobo Lopez – be far behind?

You bet.

Call them anything – wives, partners, girlfriends – this bunch of constantly chattering and laughing and cheering women provided amusing distractions to the curious or sociologists even wherever and whenever their men play. At Philsport in Pasig or Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan City. Only the foulest of weather could prevent them from appearing at the playing venue to cheer their heroes.

From the inaugural season last year of Spikers’ Turf, another annual undertaking of Sports Vision in cooperation with official outfitter Accel and official ball Mikasa, to the just-concluded second, these women not only applauded their men in every game, they also took it upon themselves to dispute every call of the referees and every decision of the line judges which they thought unfairly went against their Airmen.

It was just fitting that they were around as well for the first of the series of celebrations to mark Air Force’s second Spikers’ Turf championship this year, beating the same team, Cignal Tv, in the finals of both the Open and Third Conferences.

The Jet Spikers also reaped a bounty of four special awards when Howard Mojica was named 1st Best Outside Spiker and season MVP. Jessie Lopez, getting inspiration from son Jacobo, was Best Setter, his third in the two-year league, and Bryan Bagunas was picked Finals MVP.

With no more training to wake up early for, at least for the time being, the Airmen and the women of their lives let loose that one stress-free night at Metro Walk. They gorged on food – and a little booze – the women gathered at one table not far from their partners’.

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