Relive the 2016 AFC Solidarity Cup on ABS-CBN S+A

ABS-CBN Sports on Jan 09, 2017 04:36 PM
Relive the 2016 AFC Solidarity Cup on ABS-CBN S+A
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Football is called "The Beautiful Game" for a reason.

That reason: no matter what level, no matter who the players are, as long as there's that familiar green pitch, a ball, and two squads of 11 players each, giving their all for the thrill and sheer bliss of scoring a goal, football is thoroughly exciting.

From local clubs to national squads, football action is beautiful all the same.

If you want to relive some of our up-and-coming Asian neighbors' campaigns in the 2016 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Solidarity Cup, which ran from November 2 to 16 last 2016, we at ABS-CBN Sports got you covered with early morning telecasts of the games starting this Thursday, January 12, all on ABS-CBN S+A channel 23.

Check out the 2016 AFC Solidarity Cup schedule on ABS-CBN S+A 23 below:


Macau v Mongolia:  Jan. 12, Thursday at 5:00 AM
Timor Leste v Nepal:  Jan. 12, Thursday at 7:00 AM
Laos v Macau: Jan. 13, Friday at 5:00 AM
Nepal v Brunei: Jan. 13, Friday at 7:00 AM
Sri Lanka v Macau: Jan. 19, Thursday at 7:00 AM
Nepal v Laos: Jan. 20, Friday at 7:00 AM
Macau v Brunei: Jan. 26, Thursday at 7:00 AM
FINAL: Nepal v Macau: Jan. 27, Friday at 7:00 AM

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