Beat the dad bod like your favorite Pinoy ballers

Barry Viloria on Jul 23, 2015 08:50 PM
Beat the dad bod like your favorite Pinoy ballers
So, you want to have the body of an athlete? (Photo by Melson Bolongaita courtesy of Metro Magazine)

The one thing that makes us think we’re not even slightly sporty enough even if we watch a lot of sports is that we don’t that have the athlete’s body. It’s the battle between the practitioner and the spectator. Unfortunate for the latter, we know, a.k.a. us. We almost believed in completely letting go when the “dad bad” idea was popularized early this year, resolving to the fact that an occasional visit at the gym while binging all out with pizza and beer works just as fine to be fit and manly.

But a little scroll down the Instagram accounts of some local athletes makes us all the more regretful, realizing that health is still wealth and fitness—and washboard abs—still draw chicks the most. So, we went ahead and asked some of our favorite sports-playing man-crushes for some anti-dad bod words of wisdom. Here’s what they have to say!


@banjbillions and I getting it in this morning. Working on some stability and strength this week.

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Meralco Bolts forward Sean Anthony owes his naturally lean form to the variety of sports he has played: rugby, American football, hockey, and, of course, basketball. He keeps it tight at 29, going for a wide range of exercises like weight training, flexibility-specific workouts. He also opts for portion control and healthy eating when it comes to food. “I’m a dessert person, but I work everything out and turn to whole foods like brown rice, quinoa, and wheat bread, as alternative.”


Time to get into beast mode! Thx @beastmodeph @pixdavid 💪👍✌️

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Recent Ateneo graduate and PBA D-League’s Happy Fresh Spiders player Chris Newsome is known for his lean and mean muscled physique. His secret? He doesn’t do heavy. “Keep it lightweight with more reps. To keep my shape, I turn to plyometrics, explosive jump squats, lunges, and anything with a lot of movement,” he says. As for junk food and carbonated drinks, “As much as possible, avoid it.”


Trying to enjoy our time in the sun the other day at Shangrila Makati.

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Meralco Bolts’ bearded big man Jared Dillinger never rests when it comes to keeping fit. “I kind of learned that it’s easier to stay in shape than get back in shape. So, even on vacation, I do high intensity workouts, boxing, and functional movement fit for basketball players like me. I always try to keep my body guessing.” (If this amazing passer can also pass his discipline and dedication to us!)


Last day #JustUs #NoKids #MissingThemSoMuchTho #BackToReality

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At 34, Mike Cortez looks pretty much like the way he was in his UAAP days—a heartthrob with a champion’s body. Of course, he relies on basketball to have kept himself strong over time. “Because we’re so active and are playing nine to 10 months a year, we could eat anything we want. We burn fat and calories so fast. I lift weights two to three times a week, do stretching and rehab exercises, and keep up with plank and wall squats.” In terms of his diet, “I just don’t eat pork. I love vegetables and my favorite is pinakbet.”

You’d want to be insecure about how Rain or Shine’s Gabe Norwood takes care of his slender body. It makes sense: He’s been active in sports since his childhood in California. For now, he says, “I stay as flexible. I perform lateral movements, focusing on flexibility and mobility. As you age, you also must manage what you eat. Stay away from salty food most especially.”


5k morning run @aljonmariano_ @ronknjavier #SMYouthSuperheroes

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UST Growling Tigers alum Kim Lo admits he’s “tabain,” but genetics obviously doesn’t get in his way to fitness. It’s pretty simple for this collegiate basketball heartthrob. “When it’s the season, I just consistently work out. I keep my diet tight: Just spread out my meals into small portions, like five to six meals per day.”


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