#Relationshipgoals: Lino and Fille Cayetano

Barry Viloria on Jul 27, 2015 06:19 PM
#Relationshipgoals: Lino and Fille Cayetano
"I'm a very very lucky man," says Lino Cayetano of his volleybelle wife FIlle. (Photo by Barry Viloria)

It was the first day of the Philippine Super Liga Beach Volleyball at the Sands by the Bay, where we spotted Taguig City congressman  Lino Cayetano waiting near the shower. His wife Petron player Fille, together with Alexa Micek, had just lost to Bea Tan and Pau Soriano, opening the tournament. He was waiting for her to come out of the room.

We finally saw Fille out minutes later, rushing to her hubby for a hug.

“We lost,” she said.

There was a pretend-cry. Then a cuddle.


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One of your #relationshipgoals, for sure. Lino is one to be always supportive of her wife, always there at her games.

More than a year after giving birth to son Ino Phillip, Ateneo alumna Fille seems to be in good shape. Her marriage and motherhood obviously set volleyball back as her top priority for a while, but she has since come back. In fact, she suited up for the Petrons in their championship bid at the Philippine Superliga Grand Prix last October, and is raring for more games to take on. In the process, Fille has been living up to her “mamathlete” title. She nurses their kid during the day and trains for both Petron and MERALCO (for the Shakey’s V-League) at night.

“She really trains hard everyday! Workout everyday!” Lino said of his wife, presently wrapped around his arms in this conversation.

There was no hiding of how Lino admires his athlete of a girl.

“Siguro, I'm just a very very lucky man. Fille is my wife and the mother of my son and she takes good care of our baby. She takes good care of me, at the same time and she is such an inspiration,” he added. “She's a wife but also a role model and inspiration.”

He went on about her passion towards the sport, one thing that hasn’t seen a difference in her despite the major changes in her life.

“What I love about her that's also her passion but, at the same time, after a loss, it's hard for her. Kanina, she felt like crying.”

“Don't say that! Ano ba!” Fille butted in, with a laugh. “He's my punching bag later. Lagot siya sakin!”

Lino’s support goes all the way into the Cayetano residence. A fan of sports, he went on to explain his sympathy. Which later led us to the fact that he’s turned a certified, pardon for the term, male WAG.

“My brother-in-law Jay-R Reyes plays for San Miguel Beer, so yung wife niya, si Jen, nakakasama ko minsan so yung PBA wives. I'm friends with some of them, so nakikita ko rin yung how hard it is also. Syempre, you have to be so supportive of them. Iba ‘pag athlete, eh, kasi hindi lang mental but physical,” he said. “When they go home, they're so tired. Lailangan magready na ako ng ice pack, ganun.”



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As much as possible, Lino tries to put family time first ahead of work. He and Fille go for the simple things, and that’s all there is to this humble family.

“Yung bonding namin is, ‘pag off season, she tries to get me to train with her, to run, to work out. ‘Pag season, we watch, go home, relax, watch Family Guy, whatever, and syempre taking our kid out. He's learning how to walk, so yun yung bonding namin.”

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