#Squadgoals: Philippine Volcanoes and their god bods

Barry Viloria on Aug 10, 2015 10:23 PM
#Squadgoals: Philippine Volcanoes and their god bods
Bromance brews strong among the Philippine Volcanoes. (Photo courtesy of Kit Guerra)

Some members of the Philippine Rugby Team are pretty much like The Avengers, leading different lives as star athletes—or as teachers, businessmen, real estate agents, as such—and then all the more when they come together in all their Herculean might, they would look superhero-powerful enough you eventually look at your bellied self and say, “I wanna be like them, too! Any of them!”

In the sports world, friendships defined by their obsession with sports and fitness are common, with the athletes taking time to work out whether they’re together or solo. The Philippine Volcanoes are no exception, and the bromance they have exceeds beyond just tackling and running over the pitch, says member Kit Guerra.

“We’re pretty tight-knit, especially those who came from abroad and have since been based in Manila. When they came home, we had more chances to hang out,” he says. “Ever since we started playing, ever since before the infamous billboard on EDSA came to be, we have been close friends.”

Ah, who can forget about that billboard in 2011, the one that showed members Jake Letts, Gaz Holgate, Chris Everingham, etc. in nothing but underwear, which aimed to gain awareness among the then-rugby ignorant peeps? The guys boast of god bods maintained with sessions at the gym and, of course, discipline. Most of them also turn to boxing, football, and Crossfit to keep fit.

“We share some things about fitness that would benefit each mother. We have specialized programs, and we have different bodies that respond to different ways and techniques,” Kit, who owns two CrossFit gyms aside from working in an advertising agency, says. “We all train hardcore. It’s one of the things that bring us together. We’re not lazy when it comes to training because we try to compete at an international level.”

Off the games and fitness, Kit calls their friendship in the group pretty “relaxed.” Their ways of bonding? Traveling—they’ve gone to far-off places like Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, and India. And, well, partying.

“Remember Embassy? Encore? Yeah, we used to hang out there,” he reveals.

Their version of fun could also go a long way.

“Sometimes, we prank a rookie. We create fake a Facebook account of a random girl, then we chat the rookie up with that account. And we end up leading him on from the start of the camp and at the end of the tournament! The rookie would be so excited to meet this ‘girl’ in person!” Kit laughs.

Here are some pictures showing how else this brawny brunch spends time together...

They have foot spa sessions together.

They travel together.


🌋's on a 🌋

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LADS. before a dance routine and speeches none of us will remember. #BALERthday2015

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They eat out.


Good performance from the boys last night.

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They clean up well together.



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They are each other's life of the party. And they look good with their girls.


Happy birthday sternzy x #goodman #goodtimes #takeabulletforya

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Happy Halloween. good effort from the skull squad! @jakeyletts @kennethstern @lanipillinger @jacq_yu

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Nice sunday session with this group. #sundayfunday #barbeCU?

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The boys 👌 #full80 #greatnight 📷 @cristina_cu

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They watch concerts together.


They do charity work like a group of CSR-driven Christian Greys.


🍟🍔 @mcdo_ph Charity Fun Run 👌👍😊 #StripesRun #Volcanoes #earlystarts🌾🌻

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They celebrate the holidays like one big, brawny family.

Damn, they're fit!


Fluoro training session with the boys. #teambonding #manKINIS

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young guns. business meeting, need to take care of business today. #seagames2015 #phvolcanoes

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