Who to follow: Spiker-turned-fashion and fitness blogger Melissa Gohing

Barry Viloria on Aug 11, 2015 06:44 PM
Who to follow: Spiker-turned-blogger Melissa Gohing
Meet your new fashion and fitness inspiration. (Photos by Melissa Gohing)

Browsing through the perfectly curated Instagram account of former DLSU Lady Spiker Melissa Gohing—showing her in stylish getups, her healthy food choices, and herself attending the hottest events—would immediately clue you in on her being a blogger now. And, if you click on the URL under profile, your guess will be validated. “Perspire to Inspire” reads the former student-athlete’s thoughts and write-ups covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health and fitness. Emphasis on the latter, following the name and tagline of her one year-old blog.

Blogging makes up Mel’s life now—in between her day job and playing for the semipros, a few years after the Ninja played a key role in the back-to-back championship of her Alma Mater in 2012 and 2013.

“Ever since college, I've been really into fashion and my course was Mass Media, so I guess everything just fell into place with blogging. And I'm still sharing some of my fitness regime on my blog,” she says.

Mel, whose main blogging influence is sporty spice Adrianne Ho, loves how she can share more of herself online. No holds barred.

“I get to share with people who I really am without my jersey on. There's more to me than volleyball. I want to freely express what I love and what I'm inspired with. Plus, it's a good feeling that people appreciate and get inspired with what I do in life.”

“That's why I came up with the hashtags #GohingToBeFit & #MGPerspireToInspire.”

Blogging has become a lucrative sideline as well, the 23 year-old adds, that she even plans to expand it further with the help of her family and friends.

“It's been a blessing, and I was able to help my family financially,” she enthuses. “I'm planning to do a legit fitness video blog in partnership with my sister Paula who graduated with a film course together with her boyfriend. A little story, my sister is the one who told me to start blogging without knowing it will flourish!”

The downside to blogging? For Melissa, it’s nothing too unfamiliar for the once-student-athlete.

“I have to manage my time at work, on the court, and online. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Besides, you will never get tired with something you love to do!”

From just being the petite girl calling the shots on court whose audience was limited to those who followed collegiate volleyball, Mel likes how she has extended her being an inspiration to a bigger audience online now—united by her readers’ desire to feel good about themselves through health, fitness, and style.

“It still feels surreal because something great happened from all of my sister and I’s hard work,” she says. “It’s about inspiring others. It's a feeling that money can't buy.”


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