Mid-week recap: LeBron in Manila, NCAA All-Stars, hot Pinoy volleybelles

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 20, 2015 02:22 AM
Mid-week recap: LeBron, NCAA All-Stars, hottest volleybelles
Are you ready for LeBron? Photo taken from LeBron's Instagram (@KingJames)

This week is looking up with the lots of interesting goings-on just in local sports (LeBron's second visit here now counts as local, as he's been assigned as a mentor on basketball reality show Rise). Your editors here at ABS-CBN Sports are back to weigh in on all this hot mess!

Are you excited to see LeBron? What will you tell him if you had a close encounter with him?

(Photo courtesy of Nike Philippines' Twitter)

Lorenzo Manguiat/LM (editor-in-chief): I saw him up close in 2013, so I'm not as excited to see him this time if I had a chance. But I still believe he is this generation's best basketball player! If I had a close encounter with him, I'd ask about how all the negativity affects him and how does he handle it especially in this age of social media.
Norman Lee Benjamin Riego/NLBR (basketball editor): I'm so excited that I will be taking my talents to wherever LBJ will be once he's here! LeBron is such a transcendent star that I'd wanna know how much it matters to him to be the GOAT or just to be included in the discussion!
Paul Lintag/PL (desk writer): Not exactly a LeBron James fan here, but if I had an opportunity to talk to him, I would tell him to never leave Cleveland again just because it feels so right for him to play there.
Barry Viloria/BV (lifestyle editor): I remember when I was covering the NBA back in my former job in 2010. That time, LeBron had just left Cleveland for the Heat, joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. It was only then that I started getting drawn to him—I didn’t know why. I failed to catch him in his first visit here two years ago, but I’m seeing him Thursday afternoon! To answer your question, I am technically excited just because… LeBron!

Which team are you on at the All-Star NCAA Game this Friday? East (AU, JRU San Beda, SSCR, UPHDS)? Or, West (Letran, CSB, EAC, Lyceum, Mapua)?

LM: I'm for the NCAA and ABS-CBN. Hahaha. But seriously I'd like both the East and West to play a very competitive game and the players to showcase their skills. I hope it goes to triple overtime and one team wins via buzzer-beater!

NLBR: I always love an underdog story, and with the East loaded with majority of the league's stars, the West is nothing but an underdog. Also, a team with impressive first-year coach Aldin Ayo calling the shots always has a good chance of destabilizing the current order.
PL: I'm rooting for the West because of Letran, and I'm really trying to make #ThaMannyEffect happen on Twitter. Arriba!
BV: The team with Letran on it. I kinda wanted Letran to have their taste of victory over San Beda, after being reduced to second place in the tournament for so long now!

Who is your biggest crush in local women's volleyball right now?

LM: I know I'm going to get into trouble with this, but my pick is Bea Tan. She has this ice queen/ "mataray" vibe to her, which I oddly find attractive. Her voice is also kind of sexy and of course she plays beach volleyball.
NLBR: Cha Cruz. "Ms. Everything," please know we're willing to give you everything!
PL: I'd say Alyssa Valdez because beauty + power. Also, UST's Pam Lastimosa because I'm biased towards the Tigresses and she's severely underrated.
BV: I’m gonna be overly personal here and say Mika Reyes. She's really, really, really nice! She dropped by the #ChalkLiveMore party (which I helped organize as a magazine staffer) albeit briefly—even if she initially said she wasn’t going given her tight sched and the horrible weather that night! Here’s my #FaNaeNae photo with DLSU's "golden girl" that night, taken by Vyn Radovan.


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