What drew Von Pessumal to girlfriend Laura Lehmann

What drew Von Pessumal to girlfriend Laura Lehmann
UAAP lovebirds Laura Lehmann and Von Pessumal at a photo shoot for Get Blued Online (Photo courtesy of GetBluedOnline.com)

When Laura Lehmann debuted on TV as courtside reporter for Ateneo in UAAP Season 77, we were one of the (many) guys who started on our research—stat. Of course, by “research,” we mean “google.” Thanks to the Internet and other websites and magazines that featured her along with the other courtside chicks of the past season, we finally got to know—and, inevitably, follow—the blue-blooded, doe-eyed, porcelain-skinned beauty. We learned that Laura majors in psychology, does modeling on the side, and was a Binibining Pilipinas runner-up. More interesting: She was a member of the national baseball team in her younger years!

Then came the bad news: After some tube staring and stalking, she had just gotten into a… relationship. Our hearts, left broken.

The culprit: Blue Eagle Von Pessumal.



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At first, there was denial among the rest of us. Eventually, acceptance. Of course, Laura and Von make a perfect couple. They’re both 22-year-old sporty Ateneans, they work together, and they are both self-confessed nerds who are into communication and the arts.

“I got to know her in the UAAP,” reveals Von in our tell-all bro conversation. “When she came in, she was a beauty queen, eh. So, I was like, ‘Okay ‘to ah!’ I thought she was really a genuine person. You can see ahead that she’s somebody who means well.”

There was “no intention” of courtship at first, says Von, who at that time was just focused on the UAAP.

“Wala, we just started talking. We started as good friends because she was at the practice games and the actual games for her job. Her cousin Addie Manzano was her best friend. Addie was my blockmate and a good friend.”

The two just let nature take its course. Their friendship grew more and more as Ateneo—from being a frontrunner in the elims last season to getting trounced off the Finals—made it through the tournament.

“We started going out after the season. It was not anything official, like we didn’t talk everyday or anything. We just knew each other; we went out, all that.”

“In the early part of this year, that’s when I started to think na ‘Hey, she’s pretty good.’”



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And that was it. Von and Laura aka #VonLau became official.

The two has since drawn some fan fascination into their once muted close friendship, their photos together being liked by the thousands on Instagram and favorited without a break on Twitter.

It was the ideal jock/really-beautiful-girl relationship, the type who goes to far-off vacations, who parties in the most star-studded red carpet premieres, and whom you’d predict will bring forth on Earth stylish celebrity children in the future.

But, no, Von reveals they’re just the typical couple who “chills lang, watches movies, eats dinner, and do other normal stuff together.” Their favorite hangout places? Anywhere in Makati that’s near Laura’s place there, or Eastwood City or EDSA Shangri-La whenever they are up north with Von’s house nearby. And, no, they don’t use a corny nickname to call each other.

Von says, as students who have to juggle stuff outside their academics, they don't let their relationship get in the way of thei priorities.

“We’re not really dependent to each other at all, kasi our schedules are so hectic. We couldn’t really go out of our way for each other. ‘Pag may time lang, gano’n. Relaxed lang kami.”

Von says he’s the more private one compared to Laura, who’s out and about as part of her modeling and beauty queen duties.

“I am not really like that showbiz-kind of person. I don’t like going out that much, so I prefer staying at home and or like, just watching movies. I try to recover and rest, it’s a big part of my lifestyle. She understands that part.”



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What else does Von think of Laura?

“She’s super independent. She handles it all on her own. Everything you can think of, she handles it on her own. I guess she’s more mature than people our age kasi. At this age, I think fellow young people are just starting to learn how to take care of themselves. But she’s been doing that all her life,” he says of Laura, who was born and raised here but had to study abroad for a while before coming back here.

This sense of grown-up-ness is what oddly draws him more to her.

“She cares a lot. She worries a lot to a fault. But it’s not a bad thing, you know. Gano’n talaga ang pagkatao niya, eh. From her beautiful eyes, you can instantly say that she cares.”

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