Meet the fan who took LeBronís jersey home

Barry Viloria on Aug 22, 2015 04:52 PM
Meet the fan who took LeBronís jersey home
This former Green Archers Team B player didnít like King James then, but the show that was at MOA Arena changed all that. (Photo taken from Randell Cruz's Instagram: @rndllkcruz)

Just when he was about to hit the dugout after the smashin’ scrimmage at the MOA Arena last Thursday night, LeBron James did what sent his fans into frenzy: He threw the jersey at ‘em. The lucky dude who got his shirt: Randell Cruz, an 18 DLSU Marketing student who used to be a varsity member for the Archers.

“I was in the lower box C area near the tunnel where LeBron would exit. I was beside the stairs, so I had space to go down the front row. When I saw him walking to the tunnel and taking off his jersey, I went to the front row and was shouting and throwing my hands up. Then, he threw it then I saw it going to my direction and I grabbed it so fast that no one even got to touch it!” he recounts.

“The moment I got it, I shouted then looked for my brother and his friends. I then showed it to them then we all went wild! I was so happy I was shouting!”

Truth is, Randell wasn’t necessarily a fan of King James—back when he played for Miami. But he has since renewed his faith once the greatest basketball player of the world came back home to the Cavs.

“Cleveland hasn't won a championship for years and LeBron was the key. Then, they almost won it. But, out of nowhere, he left Cleveland and moved to Miami. I think he treated Miami as a college to learn and grow and win a championship. But now he's back in The Land. It's Cleveland's turn to win a ring!”


We at it again fam #AlecMrHotlist #GiantAlec

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Surely, the fandom is still there. For Randell, who also wishes to play for the UAAP if given the chance, what he saw in LeBron that night inspired him.

Hoping LeBron’s skills will pass on to him via that coveted jersey, he says, "Can't believe I was in a presence of greatness. Thank you for the jersey! I wish you all the best and thank you for being an inspiration. Started from the bottom now we here!”


We them September birthday boiz

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