Former FEU baller to strut his stuff in #CosmoCarnival

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 26, 2015 02:36 AM
Former FEU baller to strut his stuff in #CosmoCarnival
Some balls to guard for this former FEU Tamaraw. Pun intended, of course. (Photo taken from Charlie Dy's Instagram: @sportsagentcd)

Remember Jens Knuttel, once the FEU Tamaraws' most reliable player who easily stood out because of his good looks and a commonly mispronounced name to be later drafted by Ginebra in the PBA? Well, his fans—the girls, most especially—might be more than delighted to know that he's back and is more than willing to put that matinee idol face and body to use.

How? Like how many athletes—ehem, Semerad twins, ehem—have done in the past: Along with other centerfold celebrities, Jens is set to walk down the ramp at the much-anticipated 'bachelors' show' staged by women's magazine Cosmopolitan this September.

None of us have watched the show, but we all know what happens every time it pushes through. The most we can come up with now is... "Ball’s on you, Jens! So, good luck!

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