What makes Charo Soriano happy and content these days

Barry Viloria on Sep 01, 2015 04:37 AM
What makes Charo Soriano happy and content these days
I believe that, as people of the Earth, this life is a borrowed life. So, we take care of it with as much fun as we can with it. - Charo Soriano (Photo by Richard Esguerra)

There’s a surreal feeling entering into a conversation with volleyball player Charo Soriano. Her kind of delivery is smooth; her tone, professional. We are almost always taken aback whenever we ask her a question, to which she unfailingly answers with her signature smart choice of words (“transcend,” “focus,” and “inspire” flow freely in our discussion)—said with womanly conviction.

Truly has the former Ateneo Lady Eagle—a multi-awarded during her time in the UAAP, so has she in the Shakey’s V-League. She now also plays for Petron in the PSL—spiraled upwards in her sports career. She is also especially noted as the coach who drove the Lady Eagle on their way to their first V-League win back in 2011.

Apart from her athlete life, however, Charo, now 29, is a businesswoman. And her recent venture is one not far from what she has been doing.

Yes, she is also one of the minds behind The Inspired Project, an online shop of locally made shirts, lanyards, phone cases, and key chains, which opened last year. With one of her partners and fellow volleyball player Gretchen Ho, Charo considers this project an extension of her passion for volleyball. Written on their merchandise are quotes that seek to motivate you in the simplest way possible: Through words.

“It’s really to spread inspiration. We wanted it to be the hub of everything and anything inspirational. As an athlete, growing up you would always have that moment of weakness and also I think anyone being would find inspiration in little things,” she reveals.

The Inspired Project is spread out on the most popular social media platforms, if you’re curious. Although, the business is not just about selling stuff, Charo says. It also does special features on champion athletes online (called "Passion Series"), bringing their inspiring stories out in the open. The ones featured, for example: Alyssa Valdez, Johansen Aguilar, Marck Espejo, and Ara Galang.

“We feel that these types of biographies would also help our youth to find their own passion and not only find their own passion but really pursuing it until they are content, satisfied, or until they can find something else for them to grow as human beings,” Charo says. “That's what Gretchen and I really plan to do. The more that we see our shirts, or the more that we hear about people and their stories, the more excited we become.”

For now, Charo, with Gretchen, is looking into marrying beach volleyball with the brand. She says this is part of their “dream” to make volleyball more known in the Philippines “as much as wide as we can.”

Meanwhile, outside the shop, Charo with her volleyball alumni clique is calling on more beach volleyball players in the country, whom she will invite later for a new beach volleyball tournament altogether. It’s obviously one that excites her.

“Come on, we are tropical country, our coastline is exagg!” she exclaims.

Aside from The Inspired Project and volleyball, Charo also keeps busy as the marketing officer-in-charge for luxury aesthetics center Beverly 6750. But this and all mentioned don’t seem to budge this former student-athlete, who has gone through all that kind of juggling. Her motto, as always: Live life to the fullest.

“! I believe that, as people of the Earth, this life is a borrowed life. So, we take care of it with as much fun as we can with it.”

At this moment in her life, Charo, although single, says she’s happy and content. (She is recently an aunt, with her sister giving birth more than a month ago!) We tell her she seems so, having lived her dream.

“Actually, it wasn't really a dream,” she counters us. “When I was young, I started playing volleyball and I have always loved and enjoyed it. It's the only one of the only things that makes me wake up at 4 a.m. in the morning and gets me excited all the time.”


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