Meet Kevin Plank, the ultimate underdog

ABS-CBN Sports on Sep 04, 2015 01:27 PM
Meet Kevin Plank, the ultimate underdog
Protect this House. It started with his own complaints as a college athlete, now Kevin Plank and Under Armour continue to change the game. (AP)

Building an up-and-coming global athletic empire is never easy, especially one that in less than 20 years is already breaking through the power struggle of two brands that dominated the game for so long.

Much like the brand he built, Kevin Plank is the ultimate underdog with the most unlikeliest success story.

As special teams captain for the University of Maryland football team in 1995, Plank grew tired of changing his cotton shirts multiple times per day, so upon graduating a year later with a bachelor's degree in business administration, he set out to change the way athletes dress.

After finding the perfect synthetic fabrics to go along with compression for the perfect fit, Under Armour was born.

Starting his grand scheme of challenging Nike and other traditional powers from the athletic apparel industry, Plank went from giving his former teammates t-shirts, going after equipment managers from college teams and striking a deal with the NFL to overseeing a company with over $3 Billion worth of revenues in 2014.

And with one of the most recognizeale athletes in the world serving as the face of the company in the name of Stephen Curry, Plank's underdog story continues to grow.

Not bad for a guy who grew tired of sweaty cotton shirts and started his business with $15,000 working at his grandmother's house.

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