#Squadgoals: Bonded bros from the NCAA panel

Barry Viloria on Sep 09, 2015 12:17 PM
#Squadgoals: Bonded bros from the NCAA panel
What we see on TV = basketball lovers. What we don't see = a band of bonded brothers. (Photos by Ian Castaņares)

On TV, they seem too relaxed and all knowing as they deliver the goings-on of every NCAA game they commentate for. What happens behind the scenes right inside The Arena in San Juan, however, is a different story. In real life, Anton Roxas, Andrei Felix, Mikee Reyes, Martin Antonio, Migs Bustos, and the rest of the NCAA panelists try their best to absorb the shots scored, players who’ve committed fouls, controversial ref decisions made, and all the other elements that make every game a (boisterous) spectacle—all while having the composure to deliver it to the viewers watching from their screens.

But when the cameras stop rolling, many of these guys go out and do things together like most barkadas would: working out, playing ball, partying, getting drunk. They remain... good friends.

“I’m so happy that the team is solid!” Andrei, one of the kuyas of the team, says. “We formed the group outside from the professional team na close kami eh. It rarely happens even in the other leagues.”

Anton follows, “(Our friendship is) unique. I’ve been with ABS-CBN Sports for six years and I’ve never had this much fun with a Broadcast Team before. Talents don’t normally hang out after work because each person has his or her thing going on. But this particular group loves to hang out!”

Check out these things that make their bromance worth following!

They gorge on food together!



They try to carry out their basketball dreams aka "frustrations" by playing, well, basketball together.


⚓️'s of #NCAASeason91 🏀

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They go to parties. Like, birthday parties.


6/8 NCAA panel with Bos Vic. Happy birthday brother @antonroxas! Thanks for the treat 😀🍻

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Dalawang Gwapo, at Isang nevermind sa likod 💪 Happy Birthday ulit @antonroxas! :) #👔 #📱 #🔨

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They can be such a joke—like, literally! And we’d still think they’re cool!


(c) @andreifelix 😖😖😖😖

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The struggle was real. #NoFoodOnThePlate #WillTradeHairForGainsBro #🔨⬆️

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Kilala niyo ba yun? Yung Younghusband? Phil ba yun? Bat ba sikat yun? Di ko kasi gets eh.

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They go to the gym together. And when they do… #beastmode!


They are every bit of the word "man-crush"…



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They can rock the color pink. Effortlessly.


Tuesday (pink) boys 💈 @antonroxas @andreifelix @mikee.reyes

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And most of all, they love their job—making them a bunch of lovable ball-addicted bros we can't help but idolize!


Closed out the #NCAASeason91 in #WhiteHot Fashion. Awesome time with #👔 #📱 #🔨 #IlabasAngGaling

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