The artsy side of Rex Intal

Barry Viloria on Sep 28, 2015 05:58 AM
The artsy side of Rex Intal
Check out Rex's sketches and graphic art works. (All courtesy of Rex Intal)

Ateneo Men’s Volleyball Team star Rex Intal seems to have it going on. Past his championship title in the last UAAP season—the Eagles’ first ever, he had just contributed majorly in Ateneo’s win at the inaugural Spikers’ Turf Collegiate Conference after a 13-game sweep. He’s an online sensation (as of the moment, he’s got 108k followers on Instgram and 84.5k on Twitter!), and is also a favorite in teen magazines to feature—you know, like how winning jocks are usually glorified. Rex, dare we say it, might just have surpassed his older brother JC’s popularity in terms of—perhaps—everything.

His apparent success and growing fame may seem more justified once you learn about his other talent. For those who don’t know yet, Rex is a graphic design student who’s into sketching and graphic arts. He’s had that creative flair even before he got into volleyball.

“Siguro, I inherited my talent from my mother, ‘yung artist side. So, I have a good hand in drawing, I have good control in color, and I applied it na sa mga sketches and drawings ko,” he begins.

Although Rex’s first love is sketching by hand, school has since led him to veer away from the traditional. He was a Management student before shifting to BFA Information Design, which nurtured his other love more and developed it into something else.

“It was when I was introduced to graphic designing. Natuto na din akong mag-layout. As time progresses, they require digital work na eh. ‘Yung mga hand drawings ko, for my spare time lang. So that’s what I do with my spare time.”

Still, Rex’s hand-drawn works still do impress. His art tends to follow realism, an age-old style that brings the artist to depict a subject as is. The student-athlete’s favorite subject to draw? Objects. Or, faces.

“I don’t sketch mga landscape and sceneries, hindi ako mahilig doon. Objects or, mostly, mga faces lang talaga. There is something that amuses me kapag nakukuha ko ‘yung every detail.”

Faces of whom?

“Usually, girls eh. Iba-ibang girls,” he says.

Although he loves sketching, Rex reveals he won’t pursue it as a real job in the future. He likes to treat it as a hobby, to kill time and take his mind off things when he’s not busy training and defending championship titles.

“I want to put it aside as a hobby lang talaga kasi ayoko siya i-intersect with work. Medyo matatanggal na ‘yung fun out of it. Iba ‘yung love ko dito, pang-hobby lang.”

Rex especially likes to sketch faces of people close to him. If not for his portfolio, he gives them away as gifts.

“For example, my mom. I drew her then had it framed for her birthday.”

“’Yung iba naman, landi lang.”

This brings our conversations back to girls. We’ve seen Rex sketching the face of his perennial crush, actress Liza Soberano. But has he ever sketched the face of some other important ladies in her life, say, his “best friend” Therese Gaston of the Lady Eagles?

“Hindi pa,” he says. “Ang hirap nya i-drawing, hindi ko alam bakit. Usually, kasi kapag nagdro-draw ako, mabilis lang. Siya, hindi ko kayang madaliin. It takes time talaga.”


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